Archives – A look back at 1969 Topps Deckle Edge

4 06 2012

On to my last “look-back” at an older card set re-created as part of the Topps Archives product.  Archives does have reboots of the 1982 In-Action subset and 1958 Classic Combinations, but I’m skipping over these as they are part of regular Topps sets.

Topps Deckle Edge was a 33-card set from back in 1969.  The sets were organized alphabetically by league, team, and player last name, with the first 16 cards being AL players and the last 17 being NL players.  I again would send anyone with more detailed interest in these cards to the “Topps Archives” blog – there is a ton of interesting info that really does more justice to these sets than I do below.

  • Set Design: The cards measure 2-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ – just a tad smaller than standard size.  The edges are “deckled” (I can’t think of a better way to describe it), with a blue facsimile signature over the top of the black and white photos.  The players cap logos have been photo shopped out. The card backs have the player name and the card number (out of 33) on the back.
  • Packs: Topps inserted into the cards into the first 3-4 series of 1969 Topps 5¢ packs.  So you’ve got a true insert card – all the way back in 1969!  Amazing how times change – this idea obviously didn’t catch on enough to become a staple for another quarter-century!  The packs advertised that you would get an “EXTRA real autographed photo in each pack” – though obviously the blue signature is not “real” by how we define it today.
  • Hall of Fame: There are a whopping 11 Hall of Famers in this set – Brooks Robinson, Carl Yastrzemski, Luis Aparicio, Hoyt Wilhelm, Rod Carew, Ron Santo (glad to be able to add his name to this list!!!), Roberto Clemente, Bob Gibson, Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, and Juan Marichal.  There are some other big names as well – Pete Rose, Curt Flood, Rusty Staub, Boog Powell, Luis Tiant, Denny McLain and Maury Wills are a few.
  • Last Active player: Pete Rose, who played his last game in 1986.
  • Variations: Jimmy Wynn (Astros) and Joe Foy (Royals) were replaced later in the print run after Wilhelm and Staub were traded from those two teams in the 68/69 offseason.  But Topps actually mixed the two up, thus Foy got card #22 amongst a bunch of National League players, while Wynn got card #11 with the American Leaguers.  Maybe Topps was just foreshadowing the 2013 move by the ‘Stros!



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