Archives – A look back at 1967 Topps Stickers

31 05 2012

I’m going to do a few “look-backs” of the oddball sets that Topps Archives copies off of in 2012.  The first one is the 1967 Topps Stickers, which was a test issue released for two teams – Pittsburgh and Boston.  These were probably released in just those areas as a test.  There were 3 cards per pack, at 5¢ a pack.  Here’s a look at a pack of Pirate stickers:

There are 33 cards in each set.  The stickers themselves are the standard card size of 2.5″ x 3.5″.

  • Subsets: The Pirates have 24 player / coach cards, while the Red Sox have 26 player / coach cards.  The remaining cards have various fun ad cards – saying things like “Clemente (or Yaz) for Mayor”, or “Tony Conigliaro is my Hero”.  hat are in the 1972 Topps flagship set.  There are 3 “In Action” cards, a “Boyhood Photo” card of Jim Fregosi, the Red Sox team card, and even a checklist.
  • Set Design:The stickers have the “floating head” look with the players’ name in a comic book style font at the bottom.  Sometimes there is a colored shape in the background.  The “subsets” have various “fun” with the design.  The cards have blank, brown backs.
  • Packs: 3 cards per nickel pack.  See the picture above.
  • Hall of Fame: There are 5 Hall of Famers in these 2 sets.
    • Roberto Clemente, Bill Mazeroski, Willie Stargell, Carl Yastrzemski, Dick Williams MG
  • Last Active player: Yastrzemski, who played his final game at the end of the 1983 season.




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7 06 2012
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