Topps replaced my damaged Gypsy Queen cards!!

22 05 2012

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I pulled quite a few damaged Gypsy Queen cards in my 2 boxes.  Not quite 1 per pack, but more than every other pack.  Usually the damaged card was the back card of the pack, which tended to be a retired player (probably 80% of the time).  Some folks had commented that I should try to send them in to Topps, so I looked up what to do for this on their website.  Basically, you need to send in the cards (up to 25), a receipt and the packs you bought.  It can only be a current year product.  Last week, I took that advice and sent these in.  The website said it would take 4-6 weeks or so, but yesterday I got in and saw a package from Topps – less than a week after I’d sent!  It kind of sucks I had to pay shipping, but I also understand these things can happen.  Consider me a happy customer with this one!



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