2012 Gypsy Queen Original Art cards

16 05 2012

Topps had a pretty unique idea with these Gypsy Queen Original Art cards last year.  I think they did just about the same thing last year – they hired two artists to draw/paint original on-art cards.  One is more of a painting, one is more of a sketch.  Both are very cool!  The cards are unique art pieces directly onto the card for each player.

The two artists are the same two who did this for Topps last year.  I’m putting pictures below of any I’ve seen on eBay to this point.

Original Art Patch – 50 cards (1:11,880; #/1 – hobby only)

The First artist was Monty Sheldon.  Sheldon, who had contributed to National Chicle in 2010, painted on top of cards that already had relics in the cards.  Here’s a site with little more information – he did 28 of the 50 cards.   Here’s the artist’s website.

The second artist is Dave Hobrecht – who did the rest of the cards and also did some work for Topps with the National Chicle set.  Here’s Dave’s website.

Overall – I think this was a pretty cool idea.  I said this last year – but I wish Topps would have done reproductions of these cards as an insert set (without the patch) – I think this would have been popular and more accessible to every collector, and better than some of the insert sets they did.



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