Gypsy Queen – retired players only in 1 of the 2 years

6 05 2012

Continuing the show of Gypsy Queen retired players.  Here’s the stats again of retired players in each set.  This was in my post yesterday:

In the 300-card set from 2012, there are 246 current players and 54 retired players.

In the 350-card set from 2012, there are 297 current players and 53 retired players.  Of those 53 retired players, however, 8 are “duplicates” (see below) – so there’s only 45 different retired players.

Of those retired players, 26 were in both sets.

That leaves 19 players who only have cards in the 2011 set.  Hammerin’ Hank, Campy, Double-X, the Rajah, the Big Train, Matty, the Big Cat (the first Big Cat!!), Tugboat, Murph, Master Melvin, Cakes, Harold Reese, Albert Fred Schoendienst, Gorgeous George, the Wizard of Oz, the Grey Eagle, the Flying Dutchman, Denton True Young, and Super Kid.

Out of those, I’m easily most surprised about Aaron not coming back in 2012.  No clue why Topps left him out of the base set – he’s actually in the product, as he’s part of the autograph set.  And his that auto is pictured in their promos!  I wonder sometimes – I think that almost has to be an oversight, right?  There can’t be someone at Topps who said “let’s put all these retired players in Gypsy Queen.  And let’s put in Albert Belle – but not Hank Aaron”.  Right?

Also – as much as I hate the Cardinals, that Ozzie Smith picture is freaking awesome!

This leaves 8 players with 2nd cards in the set – these are the “lesser known” uniforms for these guys.  Mize (Giants), Jimmie Foxx (Red Sox), Hornsby (Cubs), Sisler (Braves), Speaker (Red Sox), Frank Robinson (Reds), Cobb (A’s), Ruth (Red Sox).

I’ll admit – Mize was kind of tough.  He had a Hall of Fame career where he’s just as easily associated with the Giants or the Cardinals, and the Yankees are a close third.  The Hall took the easy way out – they didn’t put a distinction on his cap.

For 2012, which I admittedly don’t have all of the cards for yet, there are 28 more retired players who weren’t in the 2011 set:

Aparacio, Banks, Belle, Berra, Boggs, Carew, Cepeda, Clemente, DiMaggio, Doby, Feller, Fisk, Gooden, Griffey, Catfish, Marichal, Mathews, Mays, Molitor, Schmidt, Smoltz, Spahn, Stargell, Strawberry, McCovey, Kiner, Murray and Brock.

I have a lot of thoughts on these.  A bunch of notable names here.  The two biggest are Griffey and Mays, plus Clemente and DiMaggio (in that order).  I can’t overstate the hobby significance of Griffey being in a Topps product after he retired.  For Topps to sign the guy most associated with Upper Deck’s inception – that’s a big deal.  Mays is also a recent signee.  So are the Yankee Clipper and Clemente – but I’m not sure why they weren’t there before, as Topps has had cards of those guys in the past.

I also think it’s really cool that Topps put a guy like Larry Doby in there.  I know his significance in the baseball world – he’s the first African American player in the American League.  But I had to look it up – he is a Hall of Famer.  Ralph Kiner is a great addition to this set.  Gooden and Straw, plus the fact they put Gary Carter in as a Met – makes for a pretty cool part of Gypsy Queen 2012.




One response

6 05 2012

Holy Cow, Those Are Some GORGEOUS Cards!
I Would Almost Kill For Some Of Those…
…And Totally Do So For ALL Of Them!!! hehehe 😉

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