2012 Gypsies – retired players with 2011 Gypsies

5 05 2012

OK, on to show some posts of actual Gypsy Queen cards.  Gypsy Queen, like some of Topps’ other offerings, combines current players with retired players.  I decided to start off, I’d take a look at the retired players in this set.  I had to use minis in some places, and I had to use internet pics in others.

In the 300-card set from 2012, there are 246 current players and 54 retired players.

In the 350-card set from 2012, there are 297 current players and 53 retired players.  Of those 53 retired players, however, 8 are “duplicates” (see below) – so there’s only 45 different retired players.

Of those retired players, 26 are in both sets.  Most of those are on the same team, but Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson, and Nolan Ryan are all shown on different teams across the two years.

The other 21 are all shown on the same team.  You’ve got Ripken, both Robinson’s from Baltimore, Yaz, Jackie Robinson, Snider, Sandberg, Frank Thomas, Cobb, Kaline, Koufax, Ruth, Maris, Mantle, Seaver, Fingers, Musial, Gibson, Bench, Gehrig, and Gwynn.

Topps has one “oops” in here – Seaver is the same photo in both years.  Other than that, I particularly like the two Thomas cards next to each other.  One is a very early Big Hurt, while the other is a later 90’s shot.

Tomorrow I’ll show the cards of retired players that were only in one set or the other.




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