Vottomatic, Kahn’s cards and Reds 6, Astros 5

30 04 2012

I’m back in Ohio this week – basically, my wife and I took the week off to head back home for a couple of baby showers for the soon-to-be-newest-Reds-fan.  On Saturday we had a get together / shower with friends in Columbus.  Yesterday, she had a shower at her parents’ house.  So I took the opportunity to get a baseball game in.  Me, my dad and my 87 year-old grandfather went to the Reds’ game.

It started out pretty slow for the Reds.  Matt Latos clearly didn’t have his best stuff.  He gave up a run in each of the first 2 innings and the way the Astros were hitting off him, he was lucky that was it.  He settled down, and Joey Votto hit a home run near the smoke stacks to tie the game.  The Astros ended up tagging Latos for 3 more runs before he was pulled after 6-1/3 innings.  The Astros were kind of forced to pitch to Votto in the bottom of the 7th, and he made them pay with a 2-run double to tie the game 5-5.  Jay Bruce homered in the next inning, and the bullpen held Houston to only 1 hit in the last 3 innings for an exciting comeback win.  It was a great game to go to with my dad and grandpa – the weather was great, we sat in the lower level behind home plate and had a lot of fun.

They had a card giveaway as a promotional item, too – I think it was only supposed to be for kids, but somehow my dad finagled my grandpa’s veteran / POW status into getting a pack to look through.  I remember these Kahn’s sets coming out from when I was younger – it was neat to flip through them to see some of the lesser-known Reds on cards of their own.  I don’t have a readily available scanner here, so I got a picture off ebay (where a couple sets are already up).  The Votto and Phillips card have a gold / silver background to point out that they won gold gloves / silver slugger.




2 responses

30 04 2012

Man, I really wanted to go to the game and get a set. Those eBay prices are insane.

30 04 2012

It was definitely a great game to go to. I don’t know about those ebay prices either. I doubt any will sell at 20 bucks

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