2012 Heritage & 1963 Topps – 1990 Reds and Big Red Machine

20 04 2012

There was one Big Red Machine member in the players in the 1963 Topps set – Pete Rose was the first of any of the BRM players.  This wasn’t the first, though – Manager Sparky Anderson had earlier cards from when he was a player.

Because of this card, 2012 Topps Heritage is kind of unique in a way that I’m honestly wondering is an oversight – but figure it just can’t be.  How so you ask?  Well, it’s because of the 50th anniversary buy back program Topps has for all of its cards.  For the first time since 1989 Topps, a Pete Rose card was included in a baseball card product licensed by MLB.

This is unquestionably the most notable card from this set.  The buyback card above was on eBay at the time of me writing this with a BIN of $1,999.  I’m surprised I hadn’t read more about it earlier.  It’s kind of a big deal on a couple levels – including the fact that they put a stamp on a Pete Rose rookie…

There is another Big Red Machine member in the 2012 Heritage product.  That would be Joe Morgan, who has a nickel “63 Mint” card denoting his rookie year.

There is also one player from the 1990 team.  Eric Davis was in the Mint set last year, and Paul O’Neill is in this year’s set.  He got a penny card because he was born in 1963 (and because Topps paid him money for the rights to use his likeness 🙂 ).




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