2012 Heritage & 1963 Topps parallel sets

17 04 2012

Unlike with the 1962 set, which had a parallel Topps Venezuelan set, there was no parallel in 1963.

However, Topps did again issue a box-toppers of cards that could be considered 1963 Topps parallels into 2012 Topps Heritage.  Topps bought original 1963 cards back from the market and stamped them as “50th anniversary” buy backs.  I always found this interesting – I know 2011 is the 50th set if you’re counting 1962 as the first set.  But that doesn’t make it the 50th anniversary – this always confuses me.  Not a big deal by any means, though.  Anyways, these cards came in “penny” 1-card packs inserted in every other hobby box (with the ad panel coming as the other potential box-topper).  Here’s the one I got in my first Heritage box.

The 2012 Topps Heritage set has a whole lot more of what we’re used to as far as parallel sets go.  In addition to all the variations I posted earlier – there are quite a few of the standard parallel cards.  There are 3 sets of Chrome parallels, and 2 25-card partial parallels that you could probably consider “variations”.  But they seem more like partial parallels to me, and the variations post I did a few days ago was long enough already!  In fact, all 5 of these sets are partial parallels – either 100 cards or 25 cards.  Odds below are for hobby packs, except for the Bordered parallels, which only come from retail packs.

Chrome – 100 cards (1:11; #/1963)

Chrome Refractor – 100 cards (1:37; #/563)

The Hanley below is a refractor – the other two are regular chrome cards.  The standard chrome cards are much more

Black Border Chrome Refractor – 100 cards (1:329; #/63)

Last year, Topps also inserted 100 additional cards paralleling the Heritage set into the Topps Chrome baseball card product.  I assume they will do this again this year.

Target Red Border – 25 cards (1:8; Target retail only)

Wal-Mart Blue Border – 25 cards (1:8; Wal-Mart retail only)

It’s worth noting – the Wal-Mart Blues and Target Reds are 2 completely different groupings of 25 cards.




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