1963 Topps / 2012 Heritage – Ad Panels

16 04 2012

Advertising Panels

Prior to and during the release of its 1963 flagship baseball set, Topps sent 3-card advertising panels to market the set to retailers carrying the product.  These 3-card panels had 3 different player cards on the front of the card.  Beckett lists 2 different player combinations known:

  • Elston Howard, Bob Veale, Cal Koonce
  • Hoyt Wilhelm, Don Lock, Bob Duliba

I believe the reverse has info on the set – I think it looks pretty similar to the 2012 Heritage card back below.  Unlike the 1962 Ad Panel, I haven’t been able to find a picture of the 1963 panel.  There is probably one specific player’s card back for each panel issued, but I don’t know who it is for 1963.  In 1962 it was Roger Maris, fresh off his 61 home run season.  I’d bet it’s Stan Musial, since he was the “spokesman” for Topps on the side of their boxes that year – but anyone who knows any more information – would be appreciated!

For the 2012 Heritage Set, Topps again directly copied this idea.  This is one of 2 options you were guaranteed to get as a  topper to a hobby box (the other being the 1963 buybacks).  Like the 1963 version, these are 3-card panels with 3 different player cards on the front.  The reverse shows Ryan Howard’s card back – I’m surprised they didn’t do Longoria who is on the front of all their packaging. The yellow background promotional language is probably designed based on the 1963 panel.  The one below I pulled from my second box of Heritage.





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