2012 Heritage vs. Vintage #16 – the biggest Yankee stars

7 04 2012

Earlier I did a few Yankees Heritage cards – but I saved the biggest Yankee stars (love ’em or hate ’em) for one of my last posts for these comparisons.  It’s currently 31-28 in favor of Heritage – which has kind of surprised me.

Card #264 – Robinson Cano / Phil Linz

Let’s start with the guy who is really the best player of the Yankees today.  Sorry to Tex, Grandy Man, and Jeter – but Cano looks like a bona fide super star and potential future Hall of Famer.

So who would they have put Cano next to?  Cano is a) the current Yankee second baseman, and the reigning Home Run Derby champion.  Well, of course – you’d want to put him on the card number with the Yankee second baseman from that time frame, right?  The 1960 World Series MVP (only guy to win it for a losing team)?  The 1962 MVP runner-up?  Well, you’d think they’d go with Bobby Richardson…

You’d be wrong.  Instead they went with the number from a guy who was a rookie utility infielder in 1962.


I’m going to hold off on this determination until the next card.


Card #420 – Eduardo Nunez / Bobby Richardson

OK.  Utility infielder, rookie in the year before the set.  Hmmm – Eduardo Nunez fits that bill.  So, you’d think he would go well with the card of Phil Linz, right?

Well you’d again be wrong.  So there’s where Mr. Richardson went to!


I’m going with Mr. Richardson as the winner here – it’s the one card where I really like the photo on the card.  And he easily beats out Mr. Nunez or Mr. Cano.  I’m not sure why I’m referring to them as “Mister”.  The new guys are actually younger than me – and I was told around the age of 17 to stop calling people “Mister so and so” anyways.

I’ll put the others as a wash, Cano would obviously be way ahead of Linz as a player, but I don’t particularly like his photo and I also don’t like the fact that Topps didn’t match the card #’s up in a way that makes more sense here.  So the total for the last two cards gives 1963 Topps 1.5 points and Heritage just a half-point.  This closes the gap a bit.

2012 Heritage leads, 31.5-29.5


Card #446 – CC Sabathia / Whitey Ford

CC looks down right creepy in this picture.

Ford looks much more friendly here.


Yankee Stadium in the background certainly excites me, and I like the inset photo for the “Chairman of the Board” better.

2012 Heritage leads, 31.5-30.5


Card #200 – Curtis Granderson / Mickey Mantle

This is a big one – it’s a “hundred” numbered card.  Last year Topps put Jeter on there, and I think that made sense, too.  But this year they matched up by position.  Given the monster year Granderson had last year, it’s a good pick to put him and Mantle there.  Grandy Man was an MVP candidate, and Mantle won the ’62 AL MVP award.


Granderson didn’t stand much of a chance here.  It’s two pictures of Mickey Mantle with Yankee Stadium prominently shown in the background!

Tied, 31.5-31.5


Card #361 – Alex Rodriguez / Clete Boyer

The Yankee 3rd Baseman.  Topps went straight position with this one as well.  A-Rod currently sits 1 homer behind Ken Griffey Jr. on the all-time list.

Another great photo with a cool background.


I’m going no blood on this one.  I really like both of these photos.  I know a lot of people hate A-Rod, but I’m not one of them.  I think both of these cards are great.

Tied, 32-32


Card #20 – Derek Jeter /

Another big one – the Yankee captain!  I actually got this card in my first retail fix of Heritage – it kept me Heritage-ated while I waited on the hobby boxes – right next to Robinson Cano.  He’s matched up with the Yankee short stop from the early 60’s:


This isn’t Jeter’s best card, and I do like Kubek’s inset photo in the circle.  But Jeter’s the hobby icon of our generation, and it would take someone like Mantle to beat him out.

2012 Heritage leads, 32.5-31.5




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