2012 Heritage vs. Vintage #14 – Rookie Stars

4 04 2012

I felt the need to do this at some point – now is as good a time as any.  Let’s compare what Topps had for Rookie Stars in 1963 to what they have today.

Rookie Stars – 2012 Heritage

OK, here’s one with Matt Moore.  I like Matt Moore.  He’s on my fantasy squad and I think he’s got some really good value potential where I drafted him.  He may be a keeper in the future based on our new keeper system.  I like the rookie stars card of him:

This is card #191.  There he is in the bottom left hand corner.  Great!

But, wait.  Here’s card #286.

There he is in the bottom left-hand corner again?  Is this some kind of joke?

Wait a minute again!  I seem to remember doing a post already on Mr. Moore…  And that card looked like:

Some guys have even more than just a couple of those cards – and I think most of them have a regular card like Moore.  C’mon, Topps, this is just silly.  If it corresponded to a mistake made in 1963 that would be OK, but this is just plain stupid.

OK, maybe the 1963 Topps cards have something else stupid.  Or maybe they just don’t have a very good rookie crop.  Let’s see, they’ve got…

OK, future Hall of Famer Willie Stargell?  Hmmm, that’s a good card, not a senseless duplication.  What else does 1963 Topps have?

All-time hit king?  One of the most notable Topps cards ever?  Check.  And he’s only on one card in the set.  Point goes to Topps 1963.  We’re all tied up!

Tied, 27.5-27.5





2 responses

4 04 2012

The Rookie Stars is my biggest problem with the Heritage set as a whole. In total 4 Rockies appear on the Rookies Stars cards, 3 of them also have solo cards and Drew Pomeranz is on a solo card and 3! RS cards. I love the Rockies, but that is major overkill.

4 04 2012

Yeah, it’s just stupid they did this. Everyone should have only one card. Both the fact that they have the same guy on multiple rookie stars card AND the fact that they often put those guys on their own card – it just doesn’t make sense.

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