2012 Heritage vs. Vintage #12 – Good Pictures

2 04 2012

Next up are a few cards of guys who aren’t name players, but are pictures I particularly liked.  Heritage is probably going to do pretty well here since I chose these cards based on the Heritage cards with no concept of the counterpart in 1963.

Card #137 – Nyjer Morgan / Mack Jones

This may be my favorite card in the set.  It certainly jumped out at me.  Morgan is doing his beast mode impression, which I liked.  I assume Morgan is disliked by most baseball fans because of his antics, and he certainly did some stupid things in Washington.  But he plays hard, and I laughed out loud when he dropped an F-bomb on National TV when they won the NLDS.  Maybe I should grow up and stop thinking cussing on National TV isn’t funny.  Until that day, or until he gets in a fight with Brandon Phillips (this could definitely happen), I will like Nyjer Morgan.

I had never heard of Mack Jones until now, but apparently he was a guy with some power but who needed to get his strikeouts down.  He also had 4 hits in his first MLB game – some nice things you learn on the back of the card!


The info on the back was pretty cool for Jones, but I picked this card of Morgan because I liked it a lot.  I also like Heritage using Brewer cards to parallel Milwaukee Braves, when possible (i.e. – not at the expense at too many Atlanta Braves).  Both of those factors lead to a check in the Heritage column.

2012 Heritage leads, 24.5-22.5


Card #305 – Ryan Roberts / Don Hoak

This card also stuck out when I was flipping through the cards I’ve pulled.  Those are some crazy tattoos Roberts has.  I was watching MLB Network’s show (30 teams in 30 days) the other day, and he was interviewed.  He seemed like a pretty cool guy – he’s only been a full-time starter for a little over a year.


I don’t know a lot about Don Hoak other than that he played for the Reds.  I do know that his 1963 card isn’t anything to write home about, so Roberts is giving 2012 Heritage another full point here.

2012 Heritage leads, 25.5-22.5


Card #272 – David Murphy / Danny Murphy

I don’t really know much about either of these guys.  I know David is a decent player for the Rangers.  But when looking through the cards, I realized that Topps put him in line with someone named Danny Murphy.  I thought that was pretty cool – and I wondered – could they be some kind of family combo?  Grandfather / Grandson maybe?  Apparently not – but Topps should put any such situations as the same card number.


Even the fact that they have such a similar name – I give Topps a bunch of credit for doing this and getting me to notice it.  Another victory for Heritage.

2012 Heritage leads, 26.5-22.5


Card #337 – Adam Dunn / LA Dodgers TC

I chose to display this card because it kind of has the “this is so bad it’s good” feel to it.  Ah, Donkey – despite being a professional athlete, you just don’t really care about your overall physical fitness.

At one point in my fantasy baseball career, frustrated with the bad standings for my fantasy team and I changed my team name to “Trade Dunn for Coneys”.  The man has power, but he just doesn’t have the drive.  One season when the Reds were out of it for the last couple of weeks, there was a big controversy in Cincinnati because the media noticed that Dunner brought his golf clubs into the clubhouse on the last game of the year.  It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but it just shows the laziness that he portrayed throughout his career.  I can’t say I was shocked to see him post the lowest batting average in the history of qualifiers last year.  That’s not to say I don’t like him; I hope he can come back, because he has crazy power.

Topps picked an interesting card to parallel:

They replaced the Dodgers team card with Adam Dunn.


That was a pretty good Dodgers team – Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Duke Snider and some other pretty good players. If I was once willing to trade Dunn for Coneys, I’d certainly give him up for that Dodger team!

2012 Heritage leads, 26.5-23.5




4 responses

2 04 2012

Dunn has been headed to the Dodgers in trade rumors a number of times. I used to want it to happen. I don’t anymore.

2 04 2012

Yeah, he isn’t worth having even at a reasonable salary.

3 04 2012

Great catch on the Murphy/Murphy cards.

3 04 2012

Thanks – I don’t even know why I caught it. I think I wasn’t sure who David was so I checked that card in particular out.

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