Post #500!!!!

30 03 2012

Today is my 500th post, so I want to take a pause from the Heritage stuff that I’m doing to look back a bit.  It’s been a lot of fun.  I went through all the 300 game winners for my 300th post – so doing the 500 home run club seems good here.  I’ll go through to see where I first included each of the 500 HR club members in my blog.

There are 25 members of the 500 HR club as of today.  It’s unlikely anyone will join the club next year – though Pujols could if he has his best power season yet (he’s at 445).  Chipper Jones (454) and Vlad Guerrero (449) are ahead of him, but he’ll pass both of them this year and Chipper will retire (probably with around 470) at the end of 2012.  The numbers below represent the player’s ranking on the all-time list (i.e., Bonds is #1).

Post #7 – 18th (Willie McCovey – 521) and 13th (Reggie Jackson – 563)

I got these two guys in a post in April 2010 where I scanned cards from my 1980 Topps wax box.  That was so long ago – nearly two years!

Post #31 – 15th (Mike Schmidt – 548)

I didn’t pull Schmidt in either my 1980 wax box or vending box, so before I ever posted a Mike Schmidt card, I posted a picture of him in my 1981 MLB season in review.  This was done in August, 2010.

Post #11 – 5th (Ken Griffey Jr. – 630)

I featured a photo of Griffey on June 2, 2010 – which was the day my baseball hero hung up his cleats for good.

Post #39 – 25th (Eddie Murray – 504)

Murray is another guy I’m surprised didn’t make it onto this blog until earlier.  He was first featured in October, 2010 in my scans of 1982 Topps cards.

Post #45 – 2nd (Hank Aaron – 755)

Aaron also made his way onto this baseball card blog in a form that wasn’t a baseball card blog.  Since he had just made the Hall of Fame in 1982 – I showed off his Cooperstown plaque in the post I did for my “1982 season statistics”.  I had gotten to the end of my 1982 posts in the middle of October, 2010.

Post #53 – 9th (Frank Robinson – 586)

It’s hard to believe it, but Frank Robinson is almost out of the top 10 career list.  He’s on here in an interesting way.  At the end of October, 2010, I had moved on to 1983 Topps, and he had a manager card in 1983 Topps that I featured in my big post of my favorite scans from that set.

Post #64 – 16th (Mickey Mantle – 536)

The iconic figure of the hobby.  I put a scan of his 1952 Topps card in a post in November 2010 to advertise for the “Topps 300” – a cool idea that was put out by BDJ610, the blogger who runs the Sports Card Blogroll.

Post #79 – 11th (Harmon Killebrew – 573)

Like Aaron did, Killebrew first got featured in one of my “statistics” posts.  Harmon was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1984 – I showed off this picture of the two Twins MVP’s when I finished up 1984 in December, 2010.

The 1969 AL MVP celebrates with the 2006 one

Post #83 – 3rd (Babe Ruth – 714)

Babe Ruth made it onto my blog in the same month as part of a trade with Night Owl that helped me get closer to finishing the 2010 Topps set.  He’s featured on the Yankees team card with his right-hand man, Lou Gehrig.

Post #87 – 10th (Mark McGwire – 583)

This Bash Brother made it in a couple of days later as I did the scans from my 1985 set.  Naturally, he’s featured with the 2 other big rookies from that set – though Big Mac is the only out of these three who didn’t have a 1984 Fleer Update card.  Through the end of 2010 – I’d featured 11 of the 25 500 home run club members!

Post #93 – 3rd (Barry Bonds – 762)

Bonds ASU

The all-time leader got in the action in one of my first 2011 posts when I featured him in the statistics post for 1985.  Aaron and Killebrew were featured for getting in the Hall of Fame – Bonds was featured for being the 6th overall pick of the ’85 MLB draft.

Post #120 – 6th (Alex Rodriguez – 629)

A-Rod will be 6th for only a short time more, as he’s 1 dinger behind his former teammate, Griffey Jr.  I had him featured when I got a Target blaster of 2011 Topps series 1 in early February 2011, which was exciting stuff at the time.  This card actually honors him passing the 600 home run barrier – maybe that’s something also for 100 posts from now.

Post #130 – 12th (Rafael Palmeiro – 569)

When I was done with the 2011 posts, I moved back to my project and 1987 Topps was next for the latter half of February.  I got Palmeiro in my post on the All-Star Rookie Team and Future Stars subsets, which I started doing when Topps put the Rookie Cup back on the cards in 1987.

Post #132 – 4th (Willie Mays – 660)

2 posts later I finally got Willie Mays in the mix – he was the gold card available for dealers who ordered cases of 1987 Topps Traded.  So he warranted a picture in that post.

Post #144 – 21st (Frank Thomas – 521)

In early March 2011, I got a scan of the Big Hurt in here – though surprisingly not with the White Sox.  I got an A’s card of him to help with my Upper Deck set collection.  This came from a trade with Angels in Order.

Post #158 – 21st (Ernie Banks – 512)

I picked up an Ernie Banks card from the Yo Momma set at a White Plains card show in late March 2011.

Post #168 – 24th (Gary Sheffield – 509)

The next month,I got the RC of Gary Sheffield in the post on the Future Stars and Topps ASR team.

Post #184 – 21st (Eddie Mathews – 512)

Toward the end of April 2011, I tried to squeeze what I’m doing right now for Heritage into just one post!  The Heritage vs. Vintage post I did then featured Eddie Mathews (who was appropriately lined up with Chipper Jones).

Post #200 – 7th (Sammy Sosa – 609)

I was wondering when Slammin’ Sammy would get in here – I figured it might not be until 1990 Topps.  But he was in a post I did in mid-May (actually it was in honor of my 200th post) on some purchases I’d made from Sportlots.  I must have found this Run Producers card for a good deal on that site.

Post #204 – 17th (Jimmie Foxx – 534)

I got a card of Double-X, which is from the 2011 Topps Vintage reproductions, as a trade from reader Hugo in late May.

Post #223 – 14th (Manny Ramirez – 555)

555, and now counting.  I got Manny’s 2011 Heritage card, with the Rays, as part of a trade with Play at the Plate.  I mentioned that this was probably Manny’s last card, though that’s now changed after he un-retired.  He faces permanent suspension if he tests positive ever again.

Post #371 – 8th (Jim Thome – 604)

These last three are pretty surprising that it went so long without a picture in my blog.  Thome had his first Topps card in 1992, and that got him into my post with 1992 Topps scans.

Post #404 – 23rd (Mel Ott – 511)

Only one more after this – Mel Ott is the last guy from this club I’ve posted thus far.  He was in the Home Run Heroes set for Gypsy Queen, which I completed and posted about in December of last year.

Post #500 – 18th (Ted Williams – 521)

I actually haven’t had Teddy Ballgame featured on this blog yet.  Sort of shocking.  I actually have a post saved that will show him in the future – here’s a preview…




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30 03 2012
Gregory Zakwin


30 03 2012
Reds Card Collector

Wow…..500! Simply amazing! Not sure if I’ll be able to ever reach that benchmark, but I can try. Keep up the great work!

30 03 2012


8 11 2012
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