2012 Heritage vs. Vintage #8 – Managers

28 03 2012

I decided to wait on doing the rest of the Yankees – the 2 biggest hobby icons are in that post and I’m going to do that last. For this post, I’ll do the 3 managers that jumped out at me from Heritage.

I already did the Reds manager comparison, but I’ll do 4 more here.

Card #233 – Terry Collins / Casey Stengel

Starting off with the Mets skipper.  Funny, Terry Collins is probably dealing with some similar things that Casey Stengel would have had to deal with in the 1962 and 1963 seasons.  The Mets are in full-blown rebuilding mode right now – sort of like they were in their first and second season of existence.  Though I guess you’d call that “building mode”.

I kind of like the logo better for the Stengel card.  And Casey is a Hall of Fame manager, one of the best of all-time.


I’m going with Collins in a surprise here.  I like the photo way more – I’ve never seen those gray uniforms, but I like them.  And, like the Yogi Berra card, this Stengel card just kind of makes me sad.

2012 Heritage leads, 16-13


Card #402 – Davey Johnson / Mickey Vernon

In two years, if Davey is still the Nationals skipper and Topps puts the Nationals manager in the set, he’ll have the unique distinction of having a card in the 1965 set and the equivalent Heritage set.

I didn’t realize Mickey Vernon was a manager at any point.  Apparently, he was the manager of the new Washington Senators after the first franchise moved to the Twin Cities.  Vernon was a very good player – as a 7-time All-Star, he’s one of those players you’d say – he was really good, but he’s not a Hall of Famer.  Still worth something, though.  He had 2,495 career hits and probably would have 2,800 if he hadn’t missed two years to World War II.


I love Davey Johnson – I wish we’d have been able to keep him as a Reds manager after the 1995 season (stupid Marge Schott).  But his card can’t beat Vernon’s.  I love the old Senators uniform and ball cap, and I really like the logo in the bottom.  The card has a better background and it’s pretty cool that his collar is all messed up.

Funny – if you’d have asked me who’d win before looking at the last two cards – I’d have assumed Terry Collins loses and Davey Johnson wins.  That’s why the play the game!

2012 Heritage leads, 16-14


Card #166 – Kirk Gibson / Johnny Keane

Since Tony LaRussa retired at the end of the season, Topps didn’t go with the Cardinals manager for this card.  Instead, they went with a team that didn’t exist in 1963 (or much later).  They went with the manager of a team that also had a triangle logo!

I’d never heard of Johnny Keane, but apparently he was the manager for the Cardinals the year they won the 1964 World Series – then controversially switched to manage the team they’d beat in the Series, the Yankees.


Kirk Gibson?  Sporting a glove?  When was the last manager card you saw where the guy had a glove.  Game, set, match for Heritage.

2012 Heritage leads, 17-14


Card #154 – Don Mattingly / Walt Alston

Putting Mattingly right after Gibby is a good option.  They seem to have aged the same way – very good players, former MVPs, not to be confused with Hall of Famers.  Guys who used to rock mustaches who now have shaved them as they manage the NL West.  And they’re both rocking the the zipper pull over in their 2012 Heritage card.


I can’t pick on this one, so I won’t make myself.  Mattingly is cool, but so is the old school Los Angeles uniform Alston has.  Going with a push on this one.

2012 Heritage leads, 17.5-14.5



2 responses

28 03 2012

This is the second year in a row where the Rockies manager, Jim Tracy, was excluded from Heritage. I don’t get it. It wouldn’t bother me as much if Topps decided to just match up teams with teams that were current then, but the D-Bags manager is there. Why not the Rockies?

28 03 2012

Yeah – but for the most part they do match the teams up. This instance where they have the Diamondbacks in there is the exception rather than the rule. I assume they either don’t yet have Mike Matheny under contract or they just would rather go with someone else.

If they were going to do that – I understand why they went with what they did. The reason they have the Diamondbacks has very little to do with Arizona versus Colorado. It has much more to do with who that manager is – Kirk Gibson was the team leader on 2 World Champions in different cities and now is getting a lot of credit (fair or unfair) for the Diamondbacks success last season.

I do wish they expanded the set to more than 500 – I feel like it should match the original set as far as card #’s.

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