2012 Heritage vs. Vintage #5 – Fantasy Squad Keepers

24 03 2012

Before I dive into this next post – I went over 50,000 hits on the old blog here yesterday.  I’m not really sure what that means in context, but it seems kind of cool.  I’m sure some of those “hits” are automatic thing-a-ma-jigs, but it’s still kind of interesting.  I started this blog almost exactly 2 years ago (thought I didn’t really get started posting until August of that year), but last year at this point I’d had a cumulative 8,500 hits.  It’s been cool to share this project and the sidetracks (like the one below) with other folks!  It makes it fun – and actually keeps me from spending way too much on cards because the posting takes some of that time up!  Back to Heritage…

Wednesday night I had my annual fantasy baseball draft.  I figured my next two posts might as well focus on my team picks.  We are allowed to keep 4 players each year – and keeping those players takes up a first round draft pick for the first player, second for the second player, and so forth.  Were changing the rules up a bit this year to where you can keep players under those rules – or select some players to keep based on where you drafted them.  More on that tomorrow – because this year we’re still under the old rules.  These were my keepers this year.

Four Score and Seven Years ago – actually, just 5 years ago – I was mired in last place in our league, but I had some trade bait.  I gave up Justin Morneau, Josh Beckett and some other decent players I can’t think of for 1 player and some junk.  It was a coup – the guy I traded with won the title that year.  But that one guy was “El Hombre”, featured as card #290 here, and the rest has been history – 3 league titles since then.

So this is his second real base card with him as an Angel – pretty cool (Opening Day was the first).  Card #290 in 1963 Topps is the Angels … er … is the Cardinals … er … yeah – the Cardinals First Baseman Bill White.  I noticed this throughout – Topps did photo shop to get the guys on new teams, but they still matched up the card numbers with 1963 counterparts from their old team.

White was a solid player for the Cardinals.  He manned first base in St. Louis for 7 full years, missing less than 50 total games in that span.  He hit 20 homers 6 years in a row and ended his career with over 200, 5 All-Star appearances.  Like Pujols, he was pretty good with the leather, winning 7 Gold Gloves.


This was kind of tough.  It’s more about what I do and don’t like about the Pujols card.  I like that they have him with the Angels, but I don’t like that the card matches up with a Cardinal.  Ultimately, it’s an all-time great player versus a decent player.  And I also really like the Pujols insert photo – it’s got his recognizable follow-through.

2012 Heritage leads, 10-7


Next is the guy deserving but not actual MVP from last year.  I drafted Matt Kemp two years ago in like the 6th or 7th round – and now I’ve got a monster on my hands!  A near 40-40 season and a near triple crown – he was the best fantasy player last year.  This is an excellent card, too – card #279.  A cool photo with the follow through, great coloring.  And I like the inset, too.  You’d think this card would be unbeatable right?

Yeah – that card looks good.  Unbeatable?

BOOM!!!  You would think, but you would be wrong.  I don’t need to explain myself here.


The uni-brow is tough to beat.  Plus, his card back points out that he hit a homer in his first MLB at bat – that is some good info.  Kemp’s card is tough to beat, too though.  So like Bud Selig at the 2002 All-Star game, I’m calling this one a wash.

2012 Heritage leads, 10.5-7.5


Next up is another stud.  2 years ago, I had the best pitcher and the best hitter in the game.  Pujols and Halladay have both dropped down a little bit since, but both are still top 5 hitters and pitchers.  This is card #91

Card #91 in 1963 Topps is Dallas Green.  Yes – the future Phillies, Mets, and Yankees manager / GM Dallas Green.  Green once played the game, but not super well.  In 5 full seasons and parts of others, Green went 20-22.


This was tough.  I like the pictures on the Green card, with the stands in the background, much better than Halladay.  But Halladay is a sure-fire Hall of Famer while Green was a mediocre pitcher who made a much bigger name in his second baseball career.  But he is recognizable.  And, I almost have to ding Heritage because they couldn’t find a better Phillies pitcher.  I guess Robin Roberts had moved on to the Orioles by now.  Ultimately, this put it over the top for me – a cartoon of a dude sleeping on the job!

2012 Heritage leads, 10.5-8.5


Finally, I kept the other dominant Phillies pitcher.  I almost gave up Cliff Lee at the end of the season 2 years ago for Adam Wainwright – good thing I didn’t or last year would have been shot.  This is card #56.

The 1963 Topps card is another Phillies pitcher I’ve never heard of – Dennis Bennett.  Apparently he had a slightly better career than Dallas Green.  He had a decent 3 first seasons, starting in 1962, but he finished 43-47 for his career.


I gotta go with the stud former Cy Young winner, not the guy I’ve never heard of.  I did find Bennett’s card interesting in that the inset photo is almost the same as the regular photo.

2012 Heritage leads, 11.5-8.5




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