2012 Heritage vs. Vintage #2 – Crazy Hair

21 03 2012

Next up are 3 cards I noticed because the 2012 cards had some crazy hair.  I’ll start this one with Washington’s 2011 star free agent who hasn’t really become a star for them.  But he’s got an all-star set of locks – as shown here on card #47.

Card #47 in 1963 Topps is another guy with Lock – only it’s his last name.  That would be Washington outfielder – though this one is the Senator variety – Don Lock.


Werth has the crazy hair and a better inset photo, but Lock has the longest eye brows in the history of man kind.  He’s also got the Senators jersey on and a young RFK Stadium (then known as DC Stadium) in the background.  I give a slight edge to Lock.

1963 Topps leads, 2-1


Next is former Notre Dame standout Jeff Samardzija.  He’s rocking the long hair along with the facial hair, too, but he’s also going with the “V for Vendetta” look.  He’s got a sweet inset photo as well.  The card backs are pretty good on these, too – so I’ll show it in this case.  Jeff’s points out that he played football for Notre Dame – and while the cartoon doesn’t really go too well with it, I approve of putting that knowledge on the card.  The writeup about him under the bio is very good, too – discussing how he had a breakout 2011 season.

Card #37 in the ’63 set was a young Cubs’ pitcher as well.

That would be Cal Koonce – who probably deserved the 1962 NL Rookie of the Year Award more than his teammate Ken Hubbs did.  Koonce went 10-10 with an ERA under 4 and 190+ innings.  It would be his best season – but he’d go on to be a decent reliever over a decent 10-year career.  He won a title with the ’69 Mets – though he never got to play in the postseason.  The back is interesting, too – it points out that Koonce got a much earlier call up than expected, and the cartoon – well, apparently he likes tennis.  If I’m to believe the cartoon, he also likes to play tennis in his baseball uniform.


Samardzija takes the cake here.  The Musketeer look has me thinking he’s going fencing, and I appreciate the football reference much more than the tennis one.

Tied, 2-2


Finally, I picked only one of the two crazy haired San Francisco Giants pitchers.  Any more than that would be too much to handle.  Brian Wilson had a weird card last year – without the beard but with some crazy top-of-the-head hair going on.  This year, Topps focused on the crazy beard for card #325 – and a fairly unique inset photo.  Wilson has some World Series experience – he saved the last game of the 2010 Fall Classic.

Card #325 for 1963 Topps is Jack Sanford – who was a heck of a pitcher for quite a few years.  He was coming off a 24-7 campaign from 1962, which netted him 2nd place in the Cy Young voting behind Don Drysdale.  He had a great World Series, posting a 1.93 ERA, but he unfortunately went 1-2 as the Giants lost to the Yankees.


Despite the fact that certain bloggers I’ve read really despise Wilson and his antics – I find him entertaining.  I like that Sanford has got his hat unnecessarily pulled down in the front, and he’s got a pretty cool inset photo, too.  I’m giving this one a wash – both cards are intriguing to me.  I like the front slightly better for Wilson, but I learned from Sanford’s back  that he was the 1957 Rookie of the Year and that he was a dude who once won 24 games.  That’s reason enough to declare a draw for me.

Tied, 2.5-2.5




4 responses

21 03 2012

I really enjoy these posts, looking forward to reading more of them!

21 03 2012

Thanks! They’re fun to do.

21 03 2012
MIlwaukee Southpaw

How can you not like Wilson? HE’S BLACK OPS!!

21 03 2012

I like him less now that Taco Bell did that Dorito shell promotion. Those things are gross.

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