And… two more trades!

26 02 2012

Some more February trades (up to 5 for the month!) – I made two trades with fellow baseball card bloggers.  The first was with Kevin from Bonus Cantos.  Kevin is a guy who, like so many of us card bloggers, used to collect cards, but got back into it recently.  He’s somewhat new to collecting, so it makes his blog a fun read!  Anyways, Kevin sent me a few 2012 inserts and 9 more cards toward the series 1 set.  I’d seen the Sandoval card – but didn’t have it yet.  One of the best cards of the set if you ask me.  Thanks Kevin – let me know what I can send in return!

I also finished up a trade with Ryan from “O” No!!! Another Orioles Blog.  I sent Ryan a few Orioles parallels – including the gold version of that Reimold above and a few other Oriole cards.  He sent me a boatload of needs that I’m still taking the time to get into their appropriate homes.  It’s always interesting when I get a random hit on my Upper Deck wantlists – thanks for the trade Ryan!



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