1995 Topps parallel sets

22 02 2012

After a three-year run, Topps Gold was retired in 1995.  Though “Gold” would be back later.  Topps did have a parallel set, however, in 1995 – but went with a different approach.  As opposed to just adding gold foil to the base cards, Topps put gold foil on all the base cards in 1995.  The parallel set, called CyberStats, was different in a few ways:

  • The set was a partial parallel, with only 396 out of the 660 cards – and only regular player cards had parallels (none of the subsets)
  • The parallel set used spectra light technology, where the background – everything but the player – was darkened in a sort of shadowed / metallic finish
  • Since the 1994 season had ended in a strike, Topps ran a computer simulation of all the remaining games that were canceled.  In the simulation, Barry Bonds tied Roger Maris’s single season home run record, Tony Gwynn did not quite get to .400, my Reds made the playoffs and lost to the Braves (hmmm – that did happen, just one year later), and the World Series saw the Indians playing the Braves.  That also did happen one year later – only the fake 1994 season had the Tribe claiming their first title in nearly a half-century!

The cards came 1 per hobby or retail pack, 2 per cello, and 3 per rack pack.

Topps CyberStats– 396 cards (1:1)

I got some good parallels – the Griffey was definitely the best, and the Alomar is one of the better pictures from the set.  It’s interesting – sometimes they shaded out other players (like the Blauser), but sometimes they didn’t (like the O’Neill and the two horizontal cards).



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