Completed set – 2011 Topps Lineage

2 02 2012

I’ve done posts on a bunch of insert sets I completed in 2011 – but this is actually a completed base set.  It’s not my favorite set of the year, but at 200 cards with no SP’s, Topps Lineage certainly was a doable set.  I actually like the design on the front.  But the card backs, as many people have pointed out – are atrocious.  This set is more about the inserts – but to be honest, it’s great to have a base set that I can cross off the list.

One thing I found interesting about this set – for the retired players, it seems like the king of “this picture was displayed on an earlier Topps card”.  Some of the many examples I noticed – the Mantle card is the same picture as his Topps 60 card, the Willie McCovey ASR card is a cropped version of his 1961 Topps card, and I know I’ve seen Tom Seaver’s Reds photo somewhere other than this set.

Info about my set:

How I put the set together:

  • 153 cards from my first hobby box
  • 41 cards from my second hobby box
  • 1 card from a Group Break
  • 5 cards from trades

Card that completed my set: #194 – Cal Ripken ASR (I picked up the last card in a trade from Napkin Doon) – see picture below

Set composition: 200 cards – 48 retired players, 142 current players, 10 All-Star Rookies

Out of the ASR subset – 6 are retired players, 4 are current

Player with the most cards in the set: 10 players – 2 cards

Each of the players in the All-Star Rookie Team subset have 2 cards.

Johnny Bench, Willie McCovey, Joe Morgan, Cal Ripken, Chipper Jones, Ichiro, Andre Dawson, Andruw Jones, CC Sabathia, Tom Seaver

First Card and the Hundreds: #1 – Sandy Koufax, #100 – Babe Ruth, #200 – Tom Seaver ASR

Highest book value: #13, #194 – Cal Ripken

Most notable card: #1 – Koufax (see above)

This isn’t a base set that has any intention of having a notable base card – so for this, I’ll pick the #1 card.  Sandy Koufax being signed as a Topps sponsor was a pretty big deal this year, and he was in just about every set where Topps included retired players in 2011.  I thought he was most appropriate.  Also, this card is kind of interesting because it’s clearly photo-shopped (Night Owl posted on this a little while ago – I spent about 5 minutes trying to find the exact post then gave up).  Koufax has a Brooklyn cap on, but it’s obviously a game in LA’s Chavez Ravine.

Best card (my opinion): #158 – Monte Irvin

The background in this photo is awesome.  It’s just an all-around awesome card in general.

Second best card (also my opinion): #1 – Sandy Koufax

Wrong hat or not, this is a really cool photo with the edge of the stands in the background and the sky in the other side as Koufax gets ready to hurl one of his many strikeouts.

Best subset card: #196 – Ichiro

It was either this or the Johnny Bench where he’s squatting.  Those were the only 2 cards that I thought had pictures that were pretty cool.

Favorite action photo: #190 – Bert Blyleven, #76 – Roberto Alomar

Cool shots of the two newly inducted Hall-of-Famers.  If Topps is gonna include retired players, it’s good to see these guys start getting some love.

Favorite non-action photo: #158 – Monte Irvin (see above)

The background in this photo is awesome.  It’s just an all-around awesome card in general.

My Favorite Reds card: #33 – Tony Perez

Like the Ichiro above, this also beats out the Bench ASR card for my selection.  I just like this shot of a younger “Big Dawg”.




4 responses

2 02 2012

Congratulations on finishing this one up!

2 02 2012

Thanks! I was 1 card short forever 🙂

2 02 2012
night owl

Congrats. I’m right behind you on this set.

I still can’t figure out why Topps thought it had to photoshop a B on all of Koufax’s cards in this set.

2 02 2012

yeah, it’s definitely weird. I don’t get it. My only guess is they just wanted to mess with people’s heads. Maybe yours specifically haha 🙂

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