1994 Topps ’90 Reds Cards

18 01 2012

I’m not doing a Big Red Machine post for the first time – since there were no Big Red Machine members in the 1994 set.  There are still plenty of members of the 1990 World Series team, though.

After having 18 out of 25 possible ’90 World Series members in the 1993 set (with a Barry Larkin subset for good measure), Topps actually got 2 guys back into the mix.  Danny Jackson and Jeff Reed weren’t in the 1993 set, but still had active careers and made it back in to the 1993 set.  Lou Piniella was gone from the set as Topps didn’t include managers in 1994, while Herm Winningham (1992) and Scott Scudder (1993) had played their last games and didn’t have Topps cards.  Norm Charlton had a card in 1994 Donruss, Fleer, Pinnacle, Score and Collector’s Choice – but not Topps.

That’s a net loss of 2 guys, for 16 out of 25 in 1994 Topps.  That leaves Winningham, Scudder, Billy Bates, Ron Oester, Rick Mahler, Luis Quinones and Glenn Braggs out of baseball by 1993, with Piniella and Charlton not having cards in the 1994 set despite still being active.

There was again a single subset card – this time it was an All-Star, but not Barry Larkin this time.  Randy Myers got the nod from Topps for his 53 saves with the Cubs in 1993.  So the total is 17 cards.

Some changes in uniform from what they had in the 1993 set:

  • Eric Davis from the Dodgers to the Tigers
  • Todd Benzinger from the Dodgers to the Giants
  • Paul O’Neill from the Reds to the Yankees
  • Jack Armstrong from the Indians to the Marlins
  • Randy Myers from the Padres to the Cubs

There was again only one subset card, and yet again – it was again an All-Star card of Barry Larkin.

1992 – Jose Rijo, Tom Browning, Danny Jackson, Randy Myers, Rob Dibble, Jack Armstrong, Joe Oliver, Hal Morris, Mariano Duncan, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Billy Hatcher, Eric Davis, Paul O’Neill, Jeff Reed, Todd Benzinger, Randy Myers (AS)

Randy Myers also has a card in the Topps Black Gold insert set.




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