Completed insert set – 2010 Topps Vintage Legends

4 01 2012

Vintage Legends was another 2010 Topps insert that I’ve recently completed.  This is actually the largest insert set I’ve completed to date – it’s a 50 card set across 2 series.  25 vintage legends were inserted in 2010 Topps series 2, and 25 more were inserted in Topps Update.

Info about the set:

Set description: “Featuring baseball legends on memorable past Topps designs on which they’ve never appeared.  Look for Babe Ruth on the 1999 design and Lou Gehrig on the 1958 design.”  That’s pretty descriptive – this is an all-retired set, with players on sets they’ve never been on.  It isn’t just guys like Gehrig and Ruth, though, who were never on Topps cards – it’s things like putting Willie McCovey on  1953 Topps (7 years before his first Topps card) and on 1988 Topps (8 years after he had his last Topps card).  See below for what they have on the back of the cards.

Set composition: 50 cards, 1:4 odds (2010 Topps series 2 & Update)

Hall of Famers: 24. The same player is in each series, and Thurman Munson is the only player not in the Hall of Fame out of the player list for this set.

How I put the set together:

  • 18 cards from the 2 hobby boxes (series 2 and update)
  • 2 cards from trades
  • 15 cards from eBay
  • 7 cards from some card shows
  • 8 cards from Sportlots

Thoughts on the set:  I’ve read a lot about people not liking this set.  Well, I disagree.  I think this set is awesome.  In fact, I think it’s almost as good as the 60 years of Topps or Yo Momma cards.  Putting players on a design they’d otherwise never be seen on – I can’t help but love the idea.  On the back of these cards, they also do a comparison of what the players stats from “X” number of years earlier or later would have compared to the year of the design in question.  If you’re into baseball statistics like I am – this is excellent.  How does Cy Young’s 1907 ERA and wins stack up 70 years later – I love it.

There are some inconsistencies, though – that card #10 of Babe Ruth compares his 1919 stats to 1999.  But it’s a 1927 picture!  It doesn’t make you the biggest baseball history buff to know that Ruth’s record 29 homers in 1919 came with the Red Sox (whom he’s not pictured with on that card).

Card that completed my set: #VLC17 – Mike Schmidt (1960)

One of 2 cards I got from a December Sportlots purchase.  The other was that Babe Ruth card mentioned above, which has the same picture as his 1962 Topps (and 2011 Heritage) “Babe hits 60” card.

Highest book value: #VLC21, VLC29 – Nolan Ryan

Since they didn’t have Mantle in this set, Ryan is the most valuable per the “#1 source”.  Speaking of Mantle, I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t have the Mick in this set.  It seems like a perfect set for him, and Topps clearly has a deal that gives them carte blanche to have him in everything they do.  I’m convinced that someday, you will be able to buy a Topps card of the Mick from every design of every year that ever existed* – and this could have been two more years on the chalkboard.

*- in addition to the fact that he is in ever set as card #7 now, he’s been in a number of other retro-type sets like the 1975 design from Lineage.

Best card (my opinion): #VLC25 – Honus Wagner

Out of all these completed sets I’ve done thus far – this  was the most difficult.  I really like this set, and there a lot of cool pictures of baseball greats on classic Topps designs.  I really like the 1986 Jimmie Foxx.  If that shot had been on 1987 Topps – I’d have taken that card.  I like the ’55 Reggie and the ’56 Cobb.

But, the best shortstop ever – from the early 1900’s – in a dugout shot.  I’ve seen a lot of the pictures in this set elsewhere.  The Bench and Seaver Reds cards are the same shots they use in Lineage for those 2 guys.  The aforementioned Ruth is the same as his 1962 Topps.  But I’ve never seen this card, and they threw it on 1990 Topps!!!  Kudos.

My Favorite Reds card: #VLC18 – Johnny Bench

This is a no-brainer.  This beats out the other Bench card is from 2002 and the Seaver card is from 2007 – I don’t think I’ll be in love with those designs when they happen.

So what years weren’t included?  That would be: ’67, ’74, ’78, ’80, ’83-’85, ’91, ’04-’06, and ’08-’09.  That’s 13 years out of 59 possible (1951 to 2009).  There were two cards from ’57, ’81, ’88 and ’89.




4 responses

4 01 2012

I sort of skipped 2010 Topps, but I do like this set. I think my favorite is the 63 Eddie Murray although I do like some others. The 86 Foxx photo just doesn’t fit in with the look of the 86 set. That photo should have been switch with the 92 Johnny Mize as both would look more in tune with the actual sets.

4 01 2012

Cool seeing this set all at once. I hate Topps’ obsession with reprint-type stuff, but I thought this set was a pretty cool idea and some of the cards really pop. My favorite is still the Campy from 2001 Topps.

5 01 2012

Sorry, but there’s something all kind of wrong with this stupid reprint crap set.

5 01 2012

This definitely seems to be a love it or hate it set – the comments show that!

I kind of like the set – or at least, I like it better than the actual re-print sets, which there are just too many. At least with this there are different cards!

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