Completed insert set – 2011 Topps Heritage Then and Now

30 12 2011

This is the third of the “standard” insert sets in 2011 Topps Heritage that I’ve completed.  After this, I’ve still got the “New Age Performers” insert set and the Jackie Robinson variations to finish up – but I don’t know if I’ll get those finished in the very near future.

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Info about the set

Set description:  “Statistical comparisons between today’s stars and legends from 1962″.  The front shows the 2010 Major League leader in a specified category next to a player who was in the top 10 in the same category in 1962.  The reverse shows the MLB top-10 in that statistic for both years.

Set composition:  10 cards, 1:15 odds (2011 Topps Heritage)

Hall of Famers:  8 players – every retired player in this set is a Hall-of-Famer, however, Frank Robinson and Bob Gibson are featured twice.

How I put the set together:

  • 1 card from the hobby box
  • 3 cards from trades
  • 5 cards from Sportlots
  • 1 cards from Check Out My Cards

Card that completed my set:  #TN7 – Bob Gibson / Jered Weaver

2011 Topps Heritage Then Now Bob Gibson Jered Weaver

I got the last card as part of a Check Out My Cards purchase where I finished off a bunch of these insert sets.

Thoughts on the set:  Like the other sets from Heritage, this is one I think they’ve done each year for Heritage.  Unfortunately, this set gets limited by the older players Topps signed to be part of the Heritage brand.  Hence they’ve used Bob Gibson and Frank Robinson twice.  Topps didn’t sign Willie Mays for 2011 (though they have for 2012), so I understand him not being there.  Either way, this means they couldn’t always get the actual statistical leader from 1962 to compare to the 2011 leader.  I’m kind of wondering why they didn’t have Hank Aaron or Sandy Koufax – who are featured in autograph cards of the set.  Like many of these Heritage sets – I do like the idea – just asking for a little more in the execution department.

Best card (my opinion): #TN9 – Warren Spahn / Roy Halladay

2011 Topps Heritage Then Now Spahn Halladay

I just really like this card – Spahn isn’t always the first choice for these retro sets, so it’s good to see the greatest pitcher of his era next to the guy I think is the greatest pitcher right now.


2011 Topps Heritage Then Now Bautista Killebrew

Any other tidbits:  Here’s the Statistic associated with each card and where the 1962 player ranked in the majors in that stat if they didn’t lead (and who actually did lead if they weren’t first):

  • TN1 – HR:  J. Bautista / H. Killebrew (2nd – Willie Mays led the majors, Killebrew did lead the AL)
  • TN2 – RBI:  M. Cabrera / F. Robinson (3rd – Tommy Davis)
  • TN3 – AVG:  J. Hamilton / F. Robinson (2nd – Davis)
  • TN4 – SB:  J. Pierre / L. Aparicio (3rd – Maury Wills, Aparicio did lead the AL)
  • TN5 – BB:  P. Fielder / M. Mantle
  • TN6 – ERA: F. Hernandez / R. Roberts (3rd – Hank Aguirre)
  • TN7 – K:  J. Weaver / B. Gibson (3rd – Don Drysdale)
  • TN8 – W:  CC Sabathia / J. Marichal (not even in the top 10 – so not on the back of the card – Drysdale)
  • TN9 – IP:  R. Halladay / W. Spahn (7th)
  • TN10 – SHO:  R.Halladay / B. Gibson (tied with 5 others)



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