Completed insert set – 2011 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks

28 12 2011

This is one of the “standard” insert sets in 2011 Topps Heritage, though this one has (for the most part) nothing to do with baseball – it honors the 1962 year in the world.

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Info about the set

Set description:  “10 cards commemorating major news stories from 1962″.  The design is an offshoot of the 1962 Topps design.

Set composition: 10 cards, 1:12 odds (2011 Topps Heritage)

Hall of Famers: Jackie Robinson did made it into this set – for his HOF induction.

How I put the set together:

  • 2 cards from the hobby box
  • 1 card from the blaster box
  • 3 cards from trades
  • 2 cards from Sportlots
  • 2 cards from either Check Out My Cards or a card show

Card that completed my set: #NF4 – U.S. announces embargo against Cuba

2011 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks Cuba Embargo

This was from a 2nd Sportlots purchase.

Thoughts on the set: This is a cool set.  I think they’ve done this each year for Heritage – and I think it’s a great idea.  The point of Heritage is to honor a past Topps set – and having an insert set that also shows what happened in America (and the rest of the world) definitely makes sense.  There are a couple of things I’d change.  First, I’d number the cards in chronological order – no reason to make it random.  Also, they already have a baseball flashbacks set; move the 3 baseball-themed cards in that set.  There are certainly some other things that could have gone in this set.  Things Topps could have considered:

  • West Side Story wins Oscar for Best Picture
  • Johnny Carson takes over hosting The Tonight Show
  • The first transatlantic television transmission occurs via the Telstar satellite
  • Moon River by Henry Mancini was song of the Year

Regardless of changing a few cards – overall, I’d still give this set high marks.

Best card (my opinion): #NF2 – Glenn becomes first American to orbit Earth

2011 Topps Heritage News Flashback Glenn Orbits Earth

The Navy Seals and the Mona Lisa cards both informed of things I didn’t know – so that is kind of neat.  Out of those 2, I think it’s kind of cool to have a card of the Mona Lisa  – so it has the better picture of the 2.  But, when it comes down to it, I really like the space shuttle photo of the card noting that John Glenn orbited the earth.  So it wins.


Any other tidbits:  As I did with the Goodwin Citizens set – I thought it would be fun to take a look at each of these cards and what they represent.

NF1 – Cuban Missile Crisis begins:  The cold war turned frigid in September 1962, as the Cuban and Soviet governments built bases for nuclear weaponry on the island nation.  Only after tense negotiations was the Cuban Missile Crisis resolved, with the Soviets agreeing to remove the arms as long as the U.S. promised not to invade Cuba.

NF2 – Glenn becomes first American to orbit Earth:  On February 20th, 1962, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.  Piloting the Friendship 7, he circled the globe 3 times in 4 hours 55 minutes and 23 seconds.  Glenn was hailed as a hero upon his return, receiving acclaim from President Kennedy and a ticker-tape parade.

NF3 – Mona Lisa exhibited in U.S. for first time:  In December 1962, the Mona Lisa went on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington – the first time the iconic painting had left France in 50 years.  More than 500,000 people viewed the work at its first stop in the U.S.  One million more saw it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

NF4 – U.S. announces embargo against Cuba: On February 7th, 1962 – in an effort to promote democratization and greater respect for human rights in Cuba – President Kennedy broadened existing trade restrictions against the island nation. The embargo still exists today, limiting American businesses from conducting transactions with Cuban interests.

NF5 – U.S. Navy Seals are activated: The first two U.S. Navy Sea, Air and Land teams were commissioned in California and Virginia in 1962.  Part of the Naval Special Warfare Command, the maritime special operations force now includes approximately 2,400 elite fighters who undergo some of the most rigorous training in the world.

NF6 – Dodger Stadium opens its doors:  A crowd of 52,564 gathered to see the first MLB game at Dodger Stadium on April 10, 1962.  Bob Purkey of the Reds pitched 7-1/3 strong innings while Vada Pinson went 4-for-4 ands scored three runs to lift Cincinnati to a 6-3 victory.  The Dodgers captured their first win at the $23 million ballpark the next day.

NF7 – Mariner 2 successfully encounters Venus:  On December 14, 1962, Mariner 2 became the first space probe to conduct a successful planetary encounter.  The craft, which could carry 40 pounds of scientific equipment, passed within 35,000 kilometers of Venus while measuring the temperature distribution on the surface and making atmospheric observations.

NF8 – New York Mets join the National League:  After the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moved west in 1958, the Big Apple was left without an NL franchise.  The Mets filled the void in ’62, one year after accepting a certificate of membership from League president Warren Giles.  The club played its first game on April 11 – an 11-4 loss to St. Louis.

NF9 – Jamaica gains independence, ends British rule:  On August 6, 1962 – a date celebrated annually on the island – Jamaica left the Federation of the West Indies and declared its independence, ending more than 3 centuries of British rule.  The affairs of the nation became the responsibility of the newly elected prime minister and a locally elected cabinet.

NF10 – Robinson enshrined in Cooperstown:  On July 23, 1962, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.  A first ballot selection who helped the Dodgers with six National League pennants, he thanked Branch Rickey, his mother and the fans who supported him during a career spent battling racial injustice.




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