Completed insert set – 2011 Goodwin Champions Citizens

26 12 2011

This is one of 2 “standard” insert sets in 2011 Goodwin Champions, and this one doesn’t feature anything to do with Sports.

Info about the set:

Set description:  This set has a black border and gray photos of famous contributors to world history.

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Set composition:  11 cards, 1:20 odds (2011 Goodwin Champions)

Hall of Famers:  None as it’s not a sports set.  These guys are in the World Hall of Fame!

How I put the set together:

  • 2 cards from the 2 wax boxes
  • 6 cards from a card show
  • 3 cards from Sportlots

Card that completed my set:  #GC2 – Mahatma Gandhi

2011 Goodwin Citizens Gandhi

This was one of 3 cards I got from the Sportlots purchase.

Thoughts on the set:  I’m so-so on this set.  I like the concept – but the black and white photos aren’t that great, and there are some things I’d have rather seen them do.  They had a #/10 Presidential Masterpieces set that are hand painted.  I kind of wish they had done a more common insert of that set with a non-painted version.

Best card (my opinion):  #GC3 – Vincent Van Gogh

2011 Goodwin Citizens Van Gogh

This card is done in the style of his paintings, which is pretty cool.

Any other tidbits:  Since this is a different kind of set – I’ll summarize the write-up on the back of each card:

GC1 – Jules Verne:  19th century French author who pioneered the science fiction genre.  His famous works include “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, “Around the World in 80 Days”, and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”.

GC2 – Mahatma Gandhi:  20th century leader of India’s fight for independence from Great Britain through nonviolent means.

GC3 – Vincent Van Gogh:  19th century artist who painted some of the most famous works in history – but did not become famous until after mental illness drove him to commit suicide in 1890.

GC4 – Louis Vuitton:  19th century designer who founded a luggage company that now sells purses my wife would love to own.

GC5 – John Pemberton:  19th century chemist from Georgia who invented the formula for coca-cola.

GC6 – Herman Melville:  19th century author of “Moby Dick”.

GC7 – Walt Whitman:  19th century poet known as the father of the free verse.  His most famous work is “Leaves of Grass”.

GC8 – Pyotr Tchaikovsky:  19th century Russian Composer who composed ballets, “Swan Lake”, “The Sleeping Beauty”, “The Nutcracker” and “1812 Overture”.

GC9 – Louis Pasteur:  19th century French chemist who first linked germs with disease.  He pioneered the idea of pasteurization – heating fluids to kill microbes.  He also developed the first rabies vaccine.

GC10 – Alfred Nobel:  19th century inventor best known for establishing the Nobel Prizes.  He was actually an arms merchant who developed dynamite – he established the foundation as he was worried about his legacy.

GC11 – Gustave Eiffel:  19th century French designer of the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the Nice Observatory.




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26 12 2011

Funny, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone post these. The remind me of the Ogden’s Guinea Gold’s from the turn of the 20th century. Thanks for showing them.

26 12 2011

I’d never heard of those until seeing your comment – but you’re right – they do have a very similar design, and similar style photos.

29 02 2016
Completed master set – 2011 Goodwin Champions | Lifetime Topps project

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