Completed set & master set – one last look at 1985 Topps

22 12 2011

I’m finished up with my standard 1993 Topps posts – and since we’re getting to the end of the year, I’m going to do some other things before I move on to 1994 Topps.  I plan on a few posts about insert sets I’ve completed from the 2010 and 2011 products I purchased throughout this year. I’ll also do a top card of the year.  Then I’ll get back to my project in early January – with busting some 1994 Topps boxes.  Before that, I’ve got one more base set from the 1980’s that I completed.

The 1985 Topps and Traded set is one of three sets I completed in late November after buying some cards from Sportlots.  It’s my sixth set completed overall.  I’ve also completed my “personal master set” for this year as well – the base set, the traded set, and any regular inserts.  Here’s the “look back” for this set.

Info about my set:

How I put the set together – 792 cards:

  • 397 cards from the wax box
  • 275 cards from a vending box
  • 114 cards from trades
  • 6 cards purchased from Sportlots

Card that completed my set: #760 – Nolan Ryan (1 of 6 cards from a Sportlots purchase)

General set info:

Set composition: 792 cards (687 individual player cards, 26 Managers, 6 Checklists, 10 Record Breakers, 11 First Draft Picks, 14 Father-Son, 16 Team USA, 22 All-Stars)

Representation of ’84 MLB season: There are 688 different players represented in the set – the 687 individual player cards, and a Draft Pick card of Al Chambers, who didn’t have a regular base card.  Out of those 688 players, Pete Vuckovich was in the set but didn’t actually play in 1984.  The 687 players represent 73.4% out of the ~935 players who played in MLB in 1984.

Last active player from this set: #237 – Julio Franco, #181 – Roger Clemens

Both Clemens and Franco played until 2007; Franco played the last regular season game (9/17/07 – where Clemens pitched on 9/16 that year).  Clemens pitched against the Cleveland Indians on 10/7/07 in the ALDS.  I actually went to that game – my friend got married in New York the weekend before and we stayed to go to the Yankees playoff game.  It was the game after the famous “Bug Game” in Cleveland.  Clemens got shelled, pitching only 2+ innings, but the Yankees did get their only win of that series.

Player with the most cards in the set: Pete Rose & Bruce Sutter – 3 cards each

In addition to his player card, Rose has a manager card and a Record Breaker card for passing Ty Cobb for the most singles.  In addition to his base card, Sutter has a record breaker card for tying Dan Quisenberry’s single-season saves record (and setting the NL record) and an All-Star card.

Pete Rose – #6 (RB), #547 (MG), #600

Bruce Sutter – #9 (RB), #722 (AS), #370

First Card and the Hundreds: #1 – Carlton Fisk RB, #100 – George Brett, #200 – Reggie Jackson, #300 – Rod Carew, #400 – Oddibe McDowell OLY, #500 – Mike Schmidt, #600 – Pete Rose, #700 – Eddie Murray

Highest book value: #401 – Mark McGwire OLY RC

Most notable card: #401 – Mark McGwire OLY RC (rated #11 in Topps vote of 60 best cards)

Like 1983, there’s a clear top 3 here – the McGwire, Clemens and Puckett.  Unlike the latter two, however, the McGwire is his first card and part of the USA Olympic Team subset.  It’s a true Rookie Card – whereas Puckett and Clemens were both in the 1984 Fleer Update set.  The Dwight Gooden was also a pretty big card – though he’d even had a 1984 Topps Traded card (not just the Update set).

Best card (my opinion): #570 – Darryl Strawberry

This is just a great shot.  I think the Mets’ pinstripes uniforms were great in the 80’s.  Darryl, looking like he just connected, in the days before the drugs when he and Eric Davis were the next coming of Willie Mays.

Second best card (also my opinion): #600 – Pete Rose

See discussion below.

Best subset card: #133 – B. Boone / R. Boone FS

I’m not counting the Olympic cards as  a subset – my reasoning being that these guys don’t have another card in the set.  If I changed that rule, I’d put the McGwire in here easily.  The Record Breaker subset has a really cool Steve Garvey card that I almost picked here, a Nolan Ryan (career K’s), Pete Rose (career singles) and Gooden (rookie K’s).  There’s the first round draft pick subset for a bunch of the historic first overall picks, and a few cool All-Star cards.  But to me – the father-son set is an underrated gem of this set, and the Boone’s are the more recognizable of the 3-generation families.

Favorite action photo: #570 – Strawberry (see above)

Mike Schmidt also has a pretty cool shot while he’s running the bases.

Favorite non-action photo: #300 – Rod Carew

Tony Gwynn’s card is also pretty good – he’s got some interesting sunglasses on.

My Favorite Reds card: #600 Rose

This was another really tough one for this set.  I found it very difficult to not pick the rookie card of Eric Davis, who was my first favorite player, and one of my top 3 all-time.  But as much as I want to hate Pete Rose for what he did and the 15 years of lying to the world, his first card back with the Reds was a big deal.

Other Notable Cards: #181 – Roger Clemens RC (rated #39 in Topps vote of 60 best cards), #620 – Dwight Gooden RC (rated #32 in Topps vote of 60 best cards), #536 Kirby Puckett RC (rated #38 in Topps vote of 60 best cards)

As mentioned, none of these are true rookie cards, but all were considered rookies at the time, as they are the first base Topps cards for each guy.

Topps Reprints:

  • 1999 Ryan reprints – Nolan Ryan
  • 2000 McGwire rookie reprint – Mark McGwire
  • 2001 Through the Years – Roger Clemens
  • 2001 Archives – Joe Carter, Kirby Puckett, Greg Luzinski, Joe Morgan, Orel Hershiser, Jimmy Key, Tug McGraw, Larry Bowa, Mickey Rivers, Bob Watson
  • 2001 Cubs 50th Anniversary – Rick Sutcliffe
  • 2001 Topps Traded – Gary Carter (’85T), Jack Clark (’85T), Rickey Henderson (’85T)
  • 2002 Archives – Bill Buckner, Gary Carter, Don Mattingly, Dwight Gooden
  • 2002 Gallery Heritage – McGwire (altered  version of the original), Clemens
  • 2005 Rookie Cup Reprints – Brook Jacoby, Gooden
  • 2010 CYMTO – Gooden, Robin Yount, Dave Winfield (AS)
  • 2011 60YoT – Steve Garvey, Andre Dawson
  • 2012 Archives Reprints – Gwynn
  • 2013 Rookie Card Patch – Gooden

The Gooden “rookie” is the only card with 4 reprints – the Gwynn “sunglasses” and Clemens RC cards have 2.

My Master” Set Info:

858 cards – 792 “base”, 132 “update”, 62 “insert”

  • Update set: Traded
  • Insert sets: Glossy All-Star Game Commemorative, Glossy All-Star and Hot Prospects (send-in)

How I put the other sets together: I purchased the Traded set and the insert sets online as complete sets

Update set composition: 132 cards (121 players, 10 managers, 1 checklist)

In the update set not in the base set: 37 players, 9 managers

Total in base and update sets: 730 players*, 12 Team USA*, 35 managers

Note – Oddibe McDowell is in both the Traded set and the Team USA subset.  The 730 above excludes his card in the Traded set.

Highest book value in the update set: #43T – Ozzie Guillen RC

Most notable card from the Update set: #17T – Gary Carter

Not much to go on here – it was either Carter’s first Mets card, the Guillen RC above or the Rickey Henderson Yankees card.

Most notable insert card: Glossy Send-Ins #38 – Dwight Gooden

Back to back years with Mets taking this one.  There’s nothing particularly notable in any of these Glossy insert sets – but I’m sure the Gooden card was a big part of this set as he nearly won the Cy Young as a rookie.  Also of note, Hank Greenberg was the AL Honorary Captain card in the 22-card Glossy insert set.  At a time before retro sets, that was a pretty cool card.

Best Insert card: Glossy Send-Ins #29 – Tony Gwynn

A good shot of Gwynn in a sweet-looking alternate Padres jersey.




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