1993 Topps parallel sets

15 12 2011

After Topps Gold became the first parallel cards actually inserted into packs in 1992, Topps continued the set with a fairly big change.  The enhancement to the “Gold” cards was the same idea – the player and team name at the printed in gold foil.  But in 1993, the cards came at a much higher rate of 1 per pack, instead of one per box in the 1992 product.  The cards came 2 per cello, 3 per rack/jumbo, 5 per supermarket jumbo and 10 per factory set.

Topps didn’t make the mistake they had the year before of promising cards to winners of a game card – so for the first time since 1980, there wasn’t some sort of game card inserted into Topps packs.

The 6 checklists were again replaced with players who weren’t part of the base set for Topps Gold. 

  • 394 – Bernardo Brito
  • 395 – Jim McNamara
  • 396 – Rich Sauveur
  • 823 – Keith Brown
  • 824 – Russ McGinnis
  • 825 – Mike Walker

Topps Gold– 825 cards (1:1)

I got some of the better pictures from the set as my Topps Gold cards in the two boxes I bought.

Topps also produced 2 special factory sets for sale at both the Marlins’ and Rockies’ team stores.  The cards are stamped with a Marlins and Rockies logo – less than 10,000 sets were produced of each.  These sets contain the checklists (not the other players), and also have the 10 Topps Gold and 3 Black Gold cards included.

Topps also produced a “micro” set for the third and final year.  These mini-cards were produced in factory set form, measuring 1″ x 1-3/8″.  The factory set had 12 extra “prism” cards of some of the stars that had the same number as the base set card, except it also had a “P” prefix.



3 responses

15 12 2011
MIlwaukee Southpaw

I actually just purchased the 1993 Topps Griffey Prism mini on eBay. I had never heard of those before, and while I was looking at a different Griffey I saw that one and immediately loved it. Hopefully it will be in the mail today so I can finally see it in person!

15 12 2011

Yeah – I’ve never seen those prisms in person either. Those minis are TINY, though!

3 03 2012

I have the complete 93 set. Its’ worth having just for the Jeter draft card and also the 93 set has the most cards ever released in a complete set. Plus it comes with ten “gold” cards in a separate package. I still kept mine in the original package and never opened them.

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