A big dent into 1992 Topps – trade with Napkin Doon

5 12 2011

Before I move on to posting about I just completed a trade with Napkin Doon, which was my first trade with this particular fellow blogger.  This blog brings a really cool outlook – as many blogs do – but what I was amazed at was the detail of Napkin’s wantlist.  It’s a google doc (excel) that has the status of each of his set collections to an incredible level of detail.  There’s an expense rank for each of the card sets – I believe so he can figure out which sets are the closest to being completed and thus can be focused on.  I have a pretty crazy system myself, but there are some things in there that I really liked. 

I am an accountant and numbers person by trade and for fun – and there are some things I wish I’d done after the fact.  I wish I did a better job tracking how I got each set I complete.  I have done very well on this Topps project with the base sets, but if I could go back, I’d have spent time up front to put together some kind of crazy sheet that could track things like how I got cards, how much I paid, etc.  I actually have a pretty complex set of excel sheets, so I get just about everything but that.

Anyways – I’ll get back to the trade.  I sent over a bunch of Gypsy Queen cards that apparently put Napkin over the 50% mark – which means they go into binders.  Glad to help – Gypsy Queen is a very good set if you ask me, and it’s been a useful as trade bait.  I bought 2 boxes, and I’ve traded away most of my doubles from the base set.  In return, I got over 100 cards from 1992 Topps.  Since I’d only opened 1 box for 1992 – this put a big dent into my set that was very needed.  I also got a few cards from my retro wants – including the last card I needed from the Lineage base set.  Anyways – thanks for the trade, Napkin!



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2 02 2012
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[…] that completed my set: #194 – Cal Ripken ASR (I picked up the last card in a trade from Napkin Doon) – see picture […]

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