1991 Topps parallel sets

29 10 2011

Topps had a few parallel sets in 1991.  Just as it had since 1984, Topps issued a Tiffany set.  The Tiffany set came in a navy box and was the last, and most limited, of all the Tiffany sets.  In 1992 Topps would start printing the regular base set on white cardboard, and the whole card would be glossy in 1993, so the idea of a Tiffany set became obsolete.  The Traded Set also had a Tiffany version; both sets were limited to less than 5,000 sets.

There were two new parallels in 1991. The most famous was the Desert Shield parallels.  Topps printed these special edition parallel cards of the 1991 set and inserted them into packs that were intended for servicemen in the Persian Gulf.  There is a gold foil Desert Shield logo in the upper right corner of the cards.  Many of these cards never made it to their intended recipients but were sold back here – they are fairly scarce and could command a good premium in the early 90’s (and still do so to some extent today).  A well-kept version of the Chipper rookie will sell for a couple hundred dollars.  At some point I may consider getting the Reds of these, but not right now.

Topps also produced a “micro” set for the first time.  Topps issued these mini-cards in factory set form for three years.  The cards measure 1″ x 1-3/8″.  I bought Reds team sets for all 3 years of micro parallels on eBay a little while back.  Here’s some of them – there so small it’s hard to get them onto the scanner in any kind of order!




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