1991 Topps ’90 Reds Cards

22 10 2011

As the 1991 set is really supposed to depict the players from 1990, we have a ton of guys from the 1990 Reds championship team.  Also – this means they’re all shown in Reds uniforms!  Last year we were missing only Lou Piniella and Billy Bates out of the 26 (playoff roster & manager).

Bates never had a Topps base card, but Piniella did get a card in the ’91 set.  For some reason, second baseman Ron Oester did not get a Topps card in 1991 – he actually had one in the base brand of every other company (Upper Deck, Fleer, Score, Donruss).  So we had the same number as last year – 24 of the 26 guys.  Barry Larkin had the lone subset – he was featured as an All-Star.  Between my two boxes, I actually didn’t get 6 of the 25 cards, so those are pulled from the internet.  I hope no one minds my using their 1991 Topps Norm Charlton image.

1990 – Lou Piniella, Jose Rijo, Danny Jackson, Tom Browning, Randy Myers, Norm Charlton, Rob Dibble, Jack Armstrong, Rick Mahler, Scott Scudder, Joe Oliver, Mariano Duncan, Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Billy Hatcher, Eric Davis, Paul O’Neill, Jeff Reed, Todd Benzinger, Bill Doran, Luis Quinones, Herm Winningham, Glenn Braggs, Barry Larkin (AS)




2 responses

22 10 2011

Send me a list of the Reds cards you didn’t get.

5 09 2012
Aaron R.

I have the Lou Piniella.

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