Legendary Shoebox Swap to feed my 30-dollar Habit

24 09 2011

I recently completed trades with Shane from Shoebox Legends and Robert from $30-a-week Habit.

Shane just started doing something pretty cool – what he’s calling the ultimate card set, where he puts together his favorite card of each number to create a franken-set.  Should be some good reading.  Anyways, this was a pretty large trade.  I sent over a variety of stuff – ’93 flair, ’08 UD, some ’11 Topps sparklies and a bunch of Gypsy Queen cards.  Shane sent me some Gypsies in return, as well as all the cards I needed up to card #599 from the ’90 Topps set.  This worked out well as I get back into the swing of my “lifetime Topps” project.

Here are some the highlights of what I got – thanks Shane!

Next up, here’s the trades from Robert.  I sent Robert a bunch of Topps diamond cards – I’d made a half-assed attempt at collecting those and decided I didn’t want to any more.  I also sent over some other base cards.  I got back some Topps and Heritage inserts:

And, the big part of this deal:

Aroldis’ signature from this year’s Ginter.  It’s interesting – I’ve never seen an auto from A&G, but they completely encase it (unlike the jerseys, where you can touch the jersey).  Makes sense.  Anyways, it’s awesome to be able to knock this off the list via trade!  Thanks for the trade Robert!



2 responses

25 09 2011

Thanks for the great trade. I’ll be sure to check your want list again when I get cards 600-792 from 1990 Topps sorted out!

25 09 2011

Thanks to you as well!

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