Redeeming Topps Lineage Finale – comparing 75 mini sets

12 09 2011

75 mini – 200 cards (1:6)

The last comparison I’ll do for Topps Lineage is the 1975 mini parallel set.  The 1975 mini set was a full, 660-card miniature parallel of the base 1975 set, and the Lineage version is a full parallel of the 200-card 2011 Lineage base set.   There are 18 players who have base cards in both sets (note, I didn’t include players who only had the MVP subset – Mantle, Koufax, Musial, J. Robinson, Campanella would be included if I had).

Before I get to players in both sets – this father-son tandem also accomplishes the task – The Alomar family. Sandy and baseball’s newest Hall-of-Famer, Roberto.


Jim Palmer, Tony Perez, Carlton Fisk, Mike Schmidt, Nolan Ryan, Willie McCovey, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan, Brooks Robinson, Al Kaline (HL), Hank Aaron, Thurman Munson, Johnny Bench, Fergie Jenkins, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Frank Robinson, Bert Blyleven




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12 09 2011
night owl

Thanks for tracking down all those. I think the only Lineage photos that could possibly be of the same era as the actual ’75s is Morgan, and potentially Munson and Kaline.

13 09 2011

After your comment I went back and looked a little closer – here’s my thoughts on when the Lineage pictures are guys from the same team:
Palmer – I really can’t tell on this one, this seems like it COULD be a similar era:

13 09 2011

Palmer – not sure on this one
Perez/B. Robinson/Gibson – clearly an earlier picture, they all look like the late 60’s
Fisk / Schmidt / Bench – all players look older than they were in 1975, though Fisk couldn’t have been that much later
Kaline – could be close, he was about done in 1975, but he looks older in this photo
Morgan / Munson – agree, these have to be pretty close to 1975
Seaver is clearly a similar era – it’s from his 1977 Topps card, so it could actually be a 1975 pic!
Blyleven – clearly this is his second stint with the twinkies

14 09 2011
Medford Bobby

Love the comparison’s…my all time favourite set , even when I was buying this set as a kid, I just loved the colour comboniations and the palyers of the era.

I have a feeling alot of people will try to collect this set. When was the last time any Topps set had a minor buzz to collectors??

Maybe some of the Heritage sets. I cant wait til 2024 when the 1975 Heritage set is released!!

14 09 2011

I do think the sparkly diamond platinum set had some buzz at the beginning of the year. I agree – alot of collectors (including me) are going after this one. It’s a little more collectible at only 200 cards!

13 04 2015
Completed insert set – 2011 Topps Lineage 75 minis | Lifetime Topps project

[…] For reference – I did a post on the guys in both the original 1975 set and this set.  See that here. […]

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