Redeeming Topps Lineage #5 – comparing Topps Cloth Stickers

9 09 2011

Cloth Stickers – 50 cards (1:12)

The next comparison for Topps Lineage is in the 1970’s.  Specifically, the Cloth Stickers insert is supposed to pay tribute to the 1972 set, but since the design on the front is the same as the Lineage base set – it’s really doing so for any of the years of Cloth Stickers – 1970, 1972, 1976, or 1977.  The 1972 test set was a basically a printing sheet of cloth sticker cards that was never released to the public.  The 2011 Lineage is a 50-card monster set with both retired and current players.

From the 1970 set, there are two guys who have a card in the 2011 Lineage set.  The first one is Nolan Ryan – who is on a card depicting his save in the 1969 World Series.  I’ll show the Ryan card here – he was a reliever just getting started in the ’69 season, with a wild arm and a lot of potential.  Note – I couldn’t actually find a picture of the cloth sticker, so I just went with a picture of the 1970 card.  A view of the young and the old Ryan Express.  Boog Powell, Willie McCovey, Phil Niekro and Juan Marichal also have cards in the 1970 test set (according to the Standard Catalog).

From the 1972 set, there is just one player who is in both sets.  Hank Aaron is all over Lineage and the sets it pays homage to – he seems to be in every current year insert set, and the old sets are all right in his career span.  The 72 Cloth set shows him toward the end of his career, this time with the Atlanta Braves, while the photo in the Lineage set is when the Braves were still in Milwaukee.

I’m not doing the comparison for 1976 – there were only two cards created in this test set, in an attempt to set up for the main set the next year.

Finally, my favorite comparison is that of the 1977 cloth sticker set.  I picked Tom Seaver for this one – his Reds picture is the one they put in the cloth sticker insert, but I thought comparing the ’77 Cloth Sticker to Seaver’s other base card from this year’s Lineage set was the more interesting look!



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14 08 2014
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