2011 Lineage – results from Group breaks

30 08 2011

I got into 2 group breaks from Topps Lineage.  The first was a 2-box break put on by Chris from Nachos Grande.  I picked up the Red Sox and Phillies – Chris is a Reds fan, so I’m never going to get my favorite team if I want to do one of his breaks.  But there seemed to be a good chance of some nice pulls from those 2 teams, and they were available – so I went for it.  I didn’t get any hits from the 2 boxes, but I did get a hit (Chase Utley relic) from the Upper Deck box that Chris added to the pot.  I also come away with some inserts that I can use toward my collection of this product.  As always, it was fun seeing what I might get as Chris posted each pack.

Here’s the Upper Deck portion of this.  I actually am collecting the heroes set, but this Papelbon was a card I pulled in the 2010 Upper Deck box I bought last year.  This was a cool add-in that Chris did – and I got the Utley Jersey out of it!

Next up, here’s the Lineage cards.  The (larger) Lee is a Venezuelan insert.  The Speaker is a Topps Cloth.  Both Lee cards and the Speaker were cards I needed – though the Youkilis is actually a dupe.  Anyways, I didn’t do real great with this part of the break – but I certainly had fun watching for the results a few packs a day on Chris’s website.

I also bid on (and won) the Reds in another 2-box break on ebay – and did very well for this break.  I picked up, among some other inserts to cross off the want list, 2 hits!  First, I got a Johnny Gomes ’52 auto.  He’s no longer a Red, but the card doesn’t say so!  After that, in the 2nd box I got a Jay Bruce relic.  Both were cards I would have purchased otherwise – so this was a great buy for me.  On a side note, if I had bid on the Phillies for this break – I would have been even more rewarded, as the seller pulled a Halladay 1/1 printing plate.

I also got some other inserts toward my collection.  The Votto and Bench are cloth stickers.



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