2011 Topps Lineage overview

27 08 2011

This should be my last set in what has now become a season-long break from my Lifetime Topps project.  Lineage is the last retro-themed set that I know of coming out in 2011, and it’s the first set since March (Heritage) that is a tribute to the “gum-card” era as opposed to the “tobacco-card” era (Gypsy Queen, Goodwin, Allen & Ginter). I covered each of the older sets in the posts before this one – this covers the actual 2011 product.  As always, any odds below are for hobby packs.  By the way, if you extrapolate it, Topps produced 3,085 10-pack hobby cases.

200 cards in the set.  The set itself has its own design, but the inserts are where the “lineage” to older Topps products comes in.  This product pays tribute to a number of older Topps ideas – from “Topps 3D” in the 60’s to the Rookies jumbo pack inserts from the late 80’s.  I have hyperlinks below to the posts where I covered those older Topps products.

  • Subsets: Topps All-Rookie Cup (#191-200).  The last 10-cards of the set are a best of the Topps All-Star Rookie team.
  • Set Design: The card design is pretty simplistic.  Topps went with a white border with a colored line inside that border on the top, left and bottom side.  The player name is at the bottom, with the team logo in the bottom left.  The Topps Lineage logo is in the top right or left corner of the photo.
  • Packs: Cards are available in 8-card hobby packs ($4.99) that come 24 to a box, 8-card retail packs ($2.99), and 14-card retail jumbo packs ($4.99).  In addition to being purchased “loose”, retail packs can be found in 7-pack blasters ($19.99) which also feature a game-used relic card inside.  Joe Mauer is featured on the front of retail packs, Mickey Mantle is on the front of hobby packs.
  • Rookies: Freddie Freeman and Michael Pineda have rookie cards from this set.
  • Hall of Fame:There are 43 Hall of Famers in this set:
    • Sandy Koufax, Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Mantle, Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken Jr., Walter Johnson, Whitey Ford, George Sisler, Tony Perez, Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, Carlton Fisk, Lou Gehrig, Andre Dawson, Mike Schmidt, Nolan Ryan, Willie McCovey, Duke Snider, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan, Brooks Robinson, Roberto Alomar, Al Kaline, Eddie Murray, Tris Speaker, Johnny Mize, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Cy Young, Hank Aaron, Johnny Bench, Ozzie Smith, Roy Campanella, Fergie Jenkins, Bob Gibson, Monte Irvin, Luis Aparicio, Tom Seaver, Ryne Sandberg, Frank Robinson, Mel Ott, Bert Blyleven

The hobby box has a tan background with the navy and red Topps Lineage logo.  Mickey Mantle is featured alongside Joe Mauer.  The box touts the fact that Topps is celebrating 60 years of collecting and the 1 relic and 2 autographs per box.

Parallel Sets

There are 5 full, 200-card parallel sets and one partial, 25-card parallel.

  • 1975 Minis – 200 cards (1:4).  The same size and design as the 1975 mini set, which was the original miniature parallel set from Topps.
  • Platinum Diamond – 200 cards (1:4).  Just like the flagship Topps set, these cards come with the sparklies on the background.
  • Canary Diamond – 200 cards (1:3,702, #/1 – Hobby only).  Unique Gold sparklies, also just like what you’d find in the 2011 flagship set.
  • Diamond Anniversary – 200 cards (1:4).  A refractor-ized version of the base set.
  • Printing Plates – 200 cards (1:925 – 4 versions, #/1 – Hobby only)
  • Topps Venezuelan – 25 cards (1:12).  Spanish versions of selected base cards, in tribute to the 1960’s when Topps often issued the first few series in the South American market.

Insert sets

Topps has a number of inserts that pay tribute to various oddball sets from the company’s history.

  • Topps 3D – 25 cards (1:12)
    • This set is in honor of the 1968 3-D set, which was a 12-card test set that were printed by the same company that came out with the Kellogg’s 3-D sets of the 1970’s – Visual Panagraphics.  The backs are blank.
  • Topps 3D Black Back Lineagraph – 25 cards (1:446)
  • Topps 3D Red Back Lineagraph – 25 cards (1:30,873)
    • The 3D cards have 2 parallel versions that play off the proof cards for the original set.  The cards have the words “This is an experimental LINEAGRAPH not intended to for release.  To be Returned to: The Topps Company 1 Whitehall St. New York, NY 1004”.  The player name and position are not included on the front of these cards.
  • Cloth Stickers – 50 cards (1:12)
  • Topps Rookies – 19 cards (1:6)
    • Carries the same design as the Rookies inserts that came 1 per jumbo pack in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.
  • Topps Stand Ups 25 cards (1:12)

Box Topper

Each hobby box comes with a box-topper – most likely to be a Topps Giants card, measuring 3-1/8″ by 5-1/4″ – in the same design and size as the 1964 set.

  • Topps Giants – 20 cards  (23 out of 24 Hobby boxes)
  • Topps Giants Relics – 20 cards (1:24 Hobby boxes, #/64)
    • In honor of the 60-card 1964 Topps Giants set.   There are just under 1,500 of the regular Topps Giants cards.

Relics and Autographs

  • 1975 Mini Relic – 99 cards (1:24 overall, 1:28 to 1:6,500)
  • 1975 Mini Relic Canary Diamond – 99 cards (1:747, #/10 – Hobby only)
  • Autographed Reprints – 74 cards (1:24 overall, 1:38 to 1:1,810)
  • 1952 Autographs – 22 cards (1:24 overall, 1:38 to 1:397)
  • Autographed Reprints Canary Diamond – 74 cards, &  1952 Autographs Canary Diamond – 22 cards.  (In total the Canary Diamond autograph versions have the same odds – 1:771, #/10 – Hobby only)
  • 60th Anniversary Autograph – 3 cards (1:4,115 #/60 – Hobby only)
  • 60th Anniversary Jumbo Relics – 25 cards (1:1,190, #/25 – Hobby only)
  • 60th Anniversary Jumbo Relics Patch – 25 cards (1:5,923, #/5 – Hobby only)
Diamond Ring Redemption. Topps also issued a redemption card for a 60th anniversary ring that could be found in 1:74,405 hobby packs.  That means there are ten of these redemptions.



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