Pick-ups from the “East Coast National”

22 08 2011

I went to the card show in White Plains called the “East Coast National” this past Saturday.  It was the 2nd White Plains convention center card show I’d been to, and I’d just call it the White Plains Card Show with a  few more tables.  It was fun to walk around and look at all the vintage cards there, and I wish I’d had a little more time to seriously dig through some commons boxes – but overall there wasn’t a lot of stuff I’d be going for.  The first table I looked at did seem to have a good chunk of cards I would be interested in – i.e., cards and inserts from this year’s Heritage, Lineage, Topps, etc.  But the very large commons box of Heritage cards had ever single card marked as “40 cents”.  I’m not paying $2 for 5 Heritage commons, and if that’s the price of those cards, I didn’t even bother asking what some of the inserts would run.

The next table I hit up was more promising.  They had “half-off marked price” on some boxes, and the marked price tended to be very fair.  I found a Randy Johnson UD rookie for a buck – I need it to finish the set, and the cool Rickey Henderson credit card from the 80’s, also for a buck.  There were some other odds and ends, like the Killebrew card above, and I also saw this card.

A Cincinnati Red in decent shape from the 1939 Play Ball set (I had to look that up when I got back to be sure exactly which set) – for 5 bucks!  I don’t usually buy stuff that isn’t on my collecting list – but I figured for 5 bucks this is a neat thing to have!  Lee Grissom had an unremarkable career with a 29-48 record (this was made much worse by his 2-13 record in 1941, his final season).  Lee did get to pitch in the 1939 World Series, which the Reds lost.  He was traded away by the Redlegs before the 1940 season, so he didn’t get to play on the 1940 WS Champs.  His brother, Marv – younger by 11 years, also pitched in the bigs.  Marv pitched for the NY Giants and enjoyed a little bit more success.  I just found an interesting bit of trivia for this – Marv, who went 47-45 for his career, actually won a WS game for the 1954 champion NY Giants.  Digging a bit further – that was game 1 of the World Series on September 29, 1954 – which is the game of “The Catch” by Willie Mays.  Marv Grissom actually came in to pitch just after Mays made the catch, and eventually picked up the win.

After this fine, I spent the next hour wandering around finding nothing to buy – though a lot of things that were interesting to look at.  It’s kind of tough – there were some tables that had some Reds relics / autos that I thought about snagging – but I just got the feeling I could find a better deal on ebay someday if I really did want those cards.  My wife was shopping and we were heading to a barbecue at my friend’s house in Somers later that day – so I was getting to the “15 minute warning” and had spent a total of 13 dollars.  In some ways, maybe that’s good – but it felt like maybe I didn’t maximize my efforts.  I then came across a booth that had a bunch of recent year’s Topps inserts for a quarter each, and they also had some Goodwin and Gypsy Queen cards under the table.  It was later in the day, but the owner helped me pick through them – and I got a number of minis, Goodwin inserts and Gypsy inserts, and a big lot of Goodwin SPs – all for about 60 bucks.  For the amount I got – this was a very fair price and it made the show a worthwhile venture.  I don’t know how easy it will be to get some of these Goodwin cards in the future, so that’s a product I’d like to finish my wantlist earlier rather than holding out for better prices.  The dealer was TNT sports cards, which I’d realized I’d bought from over ebay before.  The guy really helped me out and I’ll look out for his table in the few card shows I go to in the future!



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23 08 2011

What time were you there? I was there from around 10-2p. Just a little background, this show has been going on for years. I remember attending in 1994ish, not only was the entire floor that you walked full of dealers, but the whole downstairs as well. In those days it truly was worthy of the title East Coast National. I spent a fair amount of money at TNT’s table (Ted is the owner’s name, he was wearing a Hawian shirt). Since I’ve been going for such a long time, this show (to me) was a major disappointment. As I was walking around, I was thinking that this might be the last one I attend. Like you, I also felt I could find better deals online, not neccessarily Ebay, but other online outlets. I usually buy unopened here, but pickings were slim for me. Bought a box of 2010 Topps series 2 and 2011 Topps series 2 and about $50 worth of $1 box cards.

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