2011 Goodwin Relics / Autos – Presidents, Horses, Insects and some sports, too

29 07 2011

2011 Goodwin Champions has tons of relics and autos, and as with every other set I’ve bought – I’ll cover each of the possible pulls.  Just like Topps did with A & G, a lot of these aren’t even sports based.  Most of the info below can be found here with an update here.


Memorabilia– 51 cards (1:20 overall; 1:22 to 1:14,613)

The Goodwin relics and autographs are inserted based on a tiered system.  The standard memorabilia relics are set into four tiers – most of them aren’t any kind of crazy pull, but there are three presidents (both Roosevelts and Truman) in the highest tier.  They contain pieces from the White House when those presidents were in office.

Dual Swatch Memorabilia– 11 cards (1:320 overall; 1:585 to 1:87,680)

More rare than the single relics are the dual version – there are five tiers of these.  Again, the presidential one (Teddy Roosevelt) is far rarer than the other four tiers.  Tiger Woods is in the 4th tier – his dual relic is 8,768.

Museum Collection – 9 cards (1:2,237 overall; 1:4,473 to 1:54,800)

The rarest of the memorabilia cards are from the Museum Collection relics.  These cards include historical artifacts related to everything from Abe Lincoln, Annie Oakley, 2 items from the White House, Napoleon, Lyndon Johnson, Horatio Nelson, the Spirit of St. Louis, and Edward the 8th.


Autographs – 84 cards (1:20 overall; 1:35 to 1:1,577)

The autographs are inserted in 6 tiers, and feature the same picture as the base card.  The most notable signer is probably Michael Jordan, but he isn’t in the rarest grouping.  Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are, as is Tiger.

Is it weird that every time I see this guy’s card, I think of Gimli in Fellowship of the Ring?

“I’d say we’re taking the long way around.  Gandalf, we could pass through the Mines of Moria.”

Except then I realized that what I thought was an “I” is really an “A”.  He should change his name, and he should hit higher than .170 at A-ball if he has a card in this set.

Sports Royalty – 9 cards (1:2,600 overall; 1:3,247 to 1:48,711; hobby only)

Upper Deck also inserted cards of other Athletes with a completely different design and an actual action photo (not a lithograph) from the base set.  Only 3 (Julius Erving, Steve Young, John Elway) are in the base set, while 6 others are not (Glen Rice, Bob Griese, Clinton Portis, Peyton Manning, William “The Fridge” Perry, Sasha Cohen).  Except for Cohen, all photos are from their college days.  The Manning and Young are the rarest pulls.


Thoroughbred Haircuts – 2 cards (? odds)

Upper Deck inserted actual cuts of hair from two champion thoroughbreds.  2010 Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver and 2007 Preakness winner Curlin both have cuts inserted.  There are two versions of each card – one is a “portrait” view of the horse’s face, while the other is a full shot of the horse standing up.

Animal Kingdom Patches – 100 cards (1:62 overall; 1:78 to 1:14,613)

Upper Deck released 100 patch cards of different animals – these are very thick.  Some look very cool and distinct, while the one I pulled is a bit hard to tell what the patch is really supposed to picture.  These inserts are tiered based on how endangered the species is.  The Bald Eagle is card #1, in the category of “not in danger”.  The rarest category is called “extinct / mythical” contains three cards – the Chupacabra, the Do-Do Bird, and the Saber-Toothed Cat.  On a random note – I’m really surprised there were no dinosaurs here?  Two things I’d have done differently here – first, they have extinct species, but no mention of dinosaurs?  C’mon, that’s an easy one!  Second – this would be a cool set to have created a 100-card insert set of, and then the patches as the “patch variation”.  I wish they did this on these type of sets – it’s out of the realm of possibility for most collectors to get the patches, but I bet a 100-card set would actually do quite well on the secondary market.

Entomology – ? cards (? odds)

Back this year are hand-made cards with real insects in them.  These aren’t inserted in packs, but are available if you pull a redemption.  I honestly don’t know what my wife would say if I came home with one of these cards.



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