Goodwin Reds Champions

26 07 2011

2011 Goodwin Champions features cards of 2 Big Red Machine players – Johnny Bench and Tony Perez.  Both players are featured in a base card:

and in an autographed version of that card (I’ve got both of these now!):

Since they have a base card, they also have 5 miniature parallel versions: a black mini “Lady Luck” parallel, a silver foil mini parallel, a black mini “Magician” parallel, and a gold mini “Presidential” parallel.  They also have 4 printing plates each.

Silver Foil

Black Border

So, all told – Bench and Perez each have 11 total cards, 7 if you don’t count printing plates, with 1 autograph each.  I’ll be collecting the autographs (Bench is on the way!), and 3 minis each – no magicians, presidents or printing plates for me.

Of note – A. J. Green the Bengals first round pick out of Georgia, is also in the set.  He has a lightning variation, which I’ll try to pick up, and the same parallels as noted above.

King Kelly is the first card in the set.  In part because the stories about him seem quite awesome and in part because he did play a year for the American Association Cincinnati team called the “Kelly’s Killers”, I will be collecting his lightning variation and the minis for him as well.  That team was formed when the Reds bolted the AA for the National League in 1891.

There are no Reds (Champions or not) in the 1888 Goodwin set, however, Bob Caruthers, King Kelly and Ed Andrews all played one season in Cincinnati.  Caruthers played for the Reds in 1893, while Andrews played for “Kelly’s Killers” in 1891.



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