In the mail – Writer’s Journey & Night Owl

25 07 2011

Well, first off – I need to correct a previous post.  I unfortunately didn’t make it to Cooperstown this weekend.  After we got back from the Cayman Islands, my wife and I both had caught a chest cold, and there was just too much to do before getting back to the real world.  So I’ve missed two years in a row.  I did watch the speeches, and as usual, they were all very good.  Rickey Henderson’s still is my favorite – but I’m partial as he’s one of my favorites.  I’ll have to go next year – when Larkin hopefully gets inducted!

So instead of posting today about my time in Cooperstown, I’ll post about some cards I got in the mail while I was on vacation.  When I got back, I had 3 packages waiting for me from fellow bloggers.  The first was from Jason at the Writer’s Journey.  Totally unsolicited, Jason sent me a few cards I need from 88 through 90 Topps, and he also sent me some Kahn’s Reds cards – I believe these are the cards you can get as a giveaway at a specific Reds game once a year (or, at least, that’s what they used to be).  It was great to get those – so thanks Jason!  I’m sending out a random packet of Reds cards back to you today.

The Rijo and Bench 1990 Topps cards look weird next to each other.

Next up, I also got some cards from Night Owl.  This was not nearly as “unsolicited” – I read a post where Greg had said “I always pull Topps Gold cards of Reds”.  So I said – “I like Topps Gold cards of Reds”.  Greg also sent over some Topps cards I need, and some Gypsy Queens from my wantlist.  Greg – I’m sending you some cards today as well.  Thanks!



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