2011 Goodwin Champions – basketball, hockey and more baseball

23 07 2011

There aren’t any basketball or hockey players in the original Goodwin set, but there’s a literal Mount Rushmore in the 2011 set of greats from both sports.

In basketball – you’ve got the greatest that ever lived in MJ, the best player in today’s game (I don’t care about last year’s finals, that doesn’t change the fact that Lebron is better than everyone else), the winningest player of all in Bill Russell, the best rivalry in Magic and Larry, themselves top-10 players, “The Logo” Jerry West, and even the founder of the game, Dr. James Naismith.  And they classified this as a baseball set?

I don’t know a lot about hockey, but I’m pretty sure that if you asked a bunch of experts for the top 3 players in the game’s history, you’d probably get back these 3.  Add to that the guy the championship trophy’s named after.  I’d say these are the two best represented sports in this set.

Just like they do in other sports, this year’s Goodwin Champions set has quite a few baseball greats.  Not as many historically significant players as they do in basketball or hockey, but the set does have:

  • the greatest catcher of all-time
  • the best third baseman of all time
  • one of the best outfielders ever, with 3,630 hits
  • the all-time strikeout king and baddest man on earth
  • the winningest pitcher since Warren Spahn
Mattingly isn’t quite in the others category, but he’s interesting because, as manager of the Dodgers, he’s the only baseballer who is in this set and also in some licensed sets that Topps has come out.



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