Heading for the Hall

22 07 2011

Well, it looks like I’ll be going up to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame.  I moved to northern New Jersey over a year ago and promised myself I’d go to every induction while I lived here.  I broke that promise in the first year because it was the only weekend my parents could come visit.  I again made it tough on myself this year – I’m in the Cayman Islands right now for vacation with my wife and some friends, but we get back late tonight.  I was hoping to get up early Saturday, drive the 3 hours to Cooperstown and spend Saturday and Sunday there.  I think I’m just going to do Sunday instead – I was hoping to find a hotel an hour away, but literally can’t find  anything within 2 hours for this weekend.  I knew it would be that way – I just didn’t think it’d be quite that bad.

If anyone is gonna be there, I’ll be the guy wearing the bright yellow A’s Rickey Henderson jersey.  Unless of course I decide to wear my Eric Davis 1990 jersey – but probably going to go with Rickey.

Also, here’s a brief update on the future happenings of this blog of note.  I just ordered some Allen & Ginter to participate in Gint-A-Cuffs III – so I’ll be collecting that as well.  I’ll post my box for that in the middle of next week – but will then return to finish up my Goodwin Champions posts.  Then I’ll go back to a few posts of Ginter.  I’m not going to do the full-blown old/new comparisons on Ginter like I did for Heritage, Gypsy Queen and Goodwin.  Why?  First off, I am definitely collecting Topps Legacy, which comes out in less than 2 weeks.  I will definitely be doing some comparison posts there – very excited about figuring that out.  So I was originally pondering skipping Ginter for now and collecting it at a much later date.  Because there are only 2 years of original A & G sets – and this is the 6th year Topps has done this.  I can certainly do these comparisons when/if (probably when) I collect the 2006-2010 sets.  I will be doing the overall post of the current year Ginter set and some posts on the description of inserts / autos / parallels.

So, in summary, here’s the likely output over the next few weeks (this helps ME organize it more than anything :-] ):

  • An update on the Hall of Fame trip
  • A box of Ginter posted as soon as I receive it and open it
  • Finish up Goodwin Champions
  • Posts on Ginter
  • Posts on Topps Legacy
  • A couple posts on the Topps Diamond Give-away
  • Finally followed up by a triumphant return to the purpose of this blog – collecting Topps sets since the day I was born; I’ll be picking back up at 1990



3 responses

22 07 2011

I really think you should make a post on how a fan should prepare for Induction Weekend. I’m planning to take my boys in 2016 for Griffey’s induction, but really have no idea how to plan for it.

23 07 2011

That’s an interesting idea. I went two years ago for Henderson’s induction, and could dig up some things from the old memory bank. The hardest thing is figuring out a place to stay. It ain’t cheap.

27 07 2011

I’ve been to Cooperstown one time, but it wasn’t for induction weekend so it wasn’t crowded, and I was a teenager so I don’t remember much about the accomodations, just the museum itself.

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