The Ghost of 3,000 Present – Jeter gets his hit

10 07 2011

#28 – Derek Jeter – July 9, 2011.  Home run off David Price.  Yankee Stadium (#2), New York, NY.  (3,003 and counting)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t do a post about the milestone that Jeter passed yesterday.  I now live in the greater NYC area – and it’s been all the talk shows could discuss the last couple of days.  So on some level, I’m just glad it’s over.  All the “should the Yankees have called Friday’s game so early?” “should they have forced the Rays to do an afternoon doubleheader?”.  I’m glad we can move on.

But I’m also glad for Jeter.  He has never been my favorite player.  In fact, I used to kind of dislike him – I think because Ken Griffey has long been my favorite player, and for a long time, Jeter seemed to always be the other player who truly had a “Madison Avenue” marketable presence in baseball.  I always thought he was a bit overrated – he was continuously compared to A-Rod as a great player, and to me, he just didn’t measure up.  Since then, I’ve begun to appreciate his greatness, however.  If you throw out A-Rod, Ernie Banks and Robin Yount out because they played half their careers at other positions, Jeter is probably the 3rd best Shortstop to ever lace ’em up. Behind Honus Wagner and Cal Ripken.  At baseball’s most demanding position, that’s pretty impressive.  Where I used to dislike him because of jealous comparisons to my icon growing up – I have since acknowledged that he and Griffey are the two all-time greats who played in the steroid era with their image intact.

How he did it was amazing – just the 2nd to reach it on a home run.  Funny, for all the great home run hitters who do have 3,000 hits, only Wade Boggs and Jeter reached it that way.  And to go 5-for-5 and carry his team to a victory when they really needed it, also impressive.

I’ve had the two RCs of his, shown above, for a long time.  Probably since 1993 – I completed both sets when I was a kid collecting Upper Deck only.  I’m pretty sure I sold a second copy of the SP rookie for 15 or 20 bucks back then as well.  Oh well.

It’s funny, but 3 out of my top 10 pulls (actually, it’s probably 3 out of my top 6) are actually Jeter cards.  And 3 actually came from the same box – my incredible 2008 Upper Deck Heroes box.  Here are the relics of Derek Jeter that I’ve pulled:

1) 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Auto #/5

2) 2007 SP By The Letter Patch Auto #/20

3) 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Quad Jersey #/50, with DiMaggio, Jackson, Berra

4) 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Jersey



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