2011 Goodwin Champions box break #2 & 1888 comparison

9 07 2011

I’m on to my second box of Goodwin Champions.  I did not do nearly as well on this box – but I guess you can’t expect 2 good ones in a row.  I got two memorabilia cards, after not getting any in the first box.  It was Grant Hill and Patrick Roy, and – to be honest, I’d rather have pulled one of those animal cards!  The swatches are pretty small, I don’t like Hockey, and Hill isn’t my favorite dude.  I also got an autograph, like the last box.  I’d heard of Candace Parker, but this one was of Ramon Moria – of whom I have not heard.  Ramon is a 21-year old prospect in the Mariners organization, though he doesn’t appear to be doing so well in his upgrade from rookie to A-ball this year – he’s hitting just .196.

Here are the minis and the World Traveler box topper I received:

And here are the inserts I got.  I threw in Wyatt Earp to fill out the 6th card for S&G, as he’s a short print.

I did do well as far as collation goes; I am now missing only 8 cards in the set, with only 12 doubles between the two boxes.  That’s excellent, as you can’t expect to avoid dupes when you’ve got 2 different boxes.  One bad note – after getting 3 mini-SPs out of cards #211-231 in the first box, I got none in the second box (instead I got 7 regular minis).

I really like this card design, and it makes me wish Upper Deck could still have its license.  It’d be great if MLB could have 2 licensees but lessen the number of products for each one.  I don’t need a bunch of Tribute or Tribute 2 (Tier 1), but stuff like Gypsy Queen, Heritage and Goodwin – I’ll buy that.  Another bonus for Upper Deck; while Topps’ collation was awful and they had the issues with the missing autographs – UD delivered in both boxes.

Collecting the Goodwin Champions set in 1888

I pointed out over a month ago that collecting Gypsy Queen in 1887 would have been particularly challenging.  Well, the Goodwin Champions set in 1888 would have been much easier; in fact, it seems to have been designed that way.  The full list of all 50 cards was on the back of each card.  Plus, customers could send in coupons from Old Judge or Gypsy Queen cigarette packs to obtain the Champions album that contained pictures of all 50 cards.  So where an 1887 tobacco smoker would have a tough time figuring out how many cards were in the Gypsy Queen set, the same guy a year later could figure out exactly how many Goodwin Champions cards there are.  To collect the set, you’d have to buy either Old Judge or Gypsy Queen cigarette packs.

One collector even has a full set registered on PSA’s website – so collecting one in 1888 had to have been doable!

Back to my 2nd 2011 Goodwin Champions Box

Below are the “stats” for the box.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack + 1 box topper + 2 memorabilia cards = 103 cards

79 of the 150 card base set (53% set completion)

6 SP cards

2 Super SP cards

87 of the 231 card full set (38% set completion)

7 Minis Base Parallels

2 Minis Black – “Lady Luck” back

1 Mini Silver Foil

1 Goodwin Citizens

1 Figures of Sports

1 World Travelers (el Arco de Cabo San Lucas)

1 Autograph (R. Moria)

2 Memorabilia (P. Roy, G. Hill)

Including the first box:

142 / 150 of the base cards (95%)

161 / 231 of the full set (70%)




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