Gypsy Queen autos in the mail

28 06 2011

I got a couple of nondescript packages in the mail from a certain company in Pennsylvania last week while I was out of town.  The second package I’ll cover in a post tomorrow or the day after.  The first was these 2 Gypsy Queen autographs I was missing from the 2 hobby boxes I purchased.  I actually was missing 3, as I only got one total.  It wasn’t worth trying to go through trying to get the other – I’m happy they replaced with 2 cards.  Overall, GQ was a really good product, I hope they a) bring it back next year, b) fix the QC issues, and c) most importantly, do a reprint set of the originals.



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29 06 2011

Hi! I have nothing particular to say about this post, but I remember stumbling across your blog when you very first started.. You had maybe 75 page views, I really enjoyed your blog and then I could never find it back after that, I forgot the blog name and could just remember you were a Reds fan, I tried and tried to find your site back, but never did, And now I just rediscovered it.

I’d just like to say, I really enjoy your writing.. I’ll be taking a while to look over your archives & such here in the next couple of days.

Well, that is all.

29 06 2011

Thanks for the kind words! It’s been fun watching this little blog/project grow and turn into some other things!

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