Trade with One Out Away

27 06 2011

I recently completed a very large trade with Jason from One Out Away.  This was a really big trade that knocked off a ton of Gypsy Queen cards from both of our wantlists, and also helped me with some other card needs.  Below are the highlights.  Thanks Jason!

Here’s some cards from the cornerstone of the trade – the Gypsy Queen set.  I sent over a bunch of SP and base cards and got back a bunch of inserts and base cards.

Next up, here are some insert sets from recent years of Topps – always good to put a dent in those.

Finally – here’s some 1988 and 1989 Topps cards.  I love that I got a Jack McKeon card, given his recent hire as an 80-year old manager back with the Marlins.  The Raines card is cool because they went with the nickname here – this was an interesting choice here.

Next up, ‘ve



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