2011 & 1887 Gypsy Queen parallel sets

6 06 2011

Even 1887 Gypsy Queen had a parallel set.

There are 8 large card variations of the players in the regular set (I’ve seen a number of websites reference that there are 9 large card variation).  These are not picture variants – they are the same card but in a larger size (the 2″ x 3.5″).  This “larger card” is still slightly smaller than today’s standard sized card.  If you were rich and collected old cards, you could marry up one of the larger cards with the smaller cards.  This would be particularly difficult; the larger cards are extremely rare!

The larger cards seem to have been made of some of the better players – in particular, they tend to be NY Giants and/or Hall of Famers. Per the standard catalog, the cards that have been identified in the larger format are the following:

  • Buck Ewing (NY Giants, HOF)
  • John Ward (NY Giants, HOF)
  • Tim Keefe (NY Giants, HOF)
  • Mike Tiernan (NY Giants)
  • Danny Richardson (NY Giants)
  • Will Brown (NY Giants)
  • King Kelly (Chicago White Stockings, HOF)
  • Jerry Denny (Indianapolis Hoosiers)

The 2011 Gypsy Queen version has a whole lot more as far as parallel sets go.  I won’t even get into the minis – that’s the next post – but there are a total of 4 standard-sized parallels in today’s set.  There are two versions of what’s called “Framed Paper”.  The outside border of these cards, which includes the Gypsy Queen lettering at the top and company name at the bottom, is raised above the picture in the middle of the card.  Only the first 100 cards in the Gypsy Queen set are featured in this parallel.  The Bronze version of these cards are numbered to 999, while the Green version is not numbered and is available as 3 extras to the 3-pack value packs found at Target and Wal-Mart.  Topps also made a full set parallel to the base called Stamp Relic.  These rare cards are numbered to 10 and feature an inset of a stamp from the player’s state/city/country of origin.  Finally, Topps also included 4 different printers’ plates of each base card.  Odds below are for hobby packs, except where noted.

Framed Paper Bronze – 100 cards (1:4; #/999)

Framed Paper Green – 100 cards (3 per retail value pack)

Stamp Relic – 350 cards (1:93; #/10)

Printing Plates – 350 cards (1:186; #/1 – hobby only)

Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

I’m going after all the Reds of the Framed Paper cards – and already bought a Barry Larkin State Stamp.  I was toying with buying a Kevin Youkilis stamp – as he’s the other player originally from Cincinnati in the set.  But I know of 3 that were already sold on eBay, and they went for more than I wanted to pay – so just the Larkin is fine with me.




2 responses

15 06 2011

I bid on all 3 of the Youk’s, and won the last one. Its really a nice card. Hopefully another pops up at a lower price for you!

15 06 2011

yeah, only a few left in the world…

That is a cool card. I really like the Larkin stamp, well worth the 40+ bucks.

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