2011 & 1887 Gypsy Queen Variations

5 06 2011

One of the big things from 2011 Topps Heritage was all the variations; this paid homage to the 1962 set.  The Gypsy Queen set has a similar throwback.  There are around 115 players known to be featured in the 1887 Gypsy Queen (N175) set, but there are around 150 known cards.  This is because a number of the players – particularly the stars of the day, are shown in different poses.

Topps did a similar tribute to this – they paid homage to those pose variations from the original Gypsy Queen via their mini set.  This is a hobby-only offering, coming in the 10-card mini pack that comes per each hobby box.  The first 100 mini cards have pose variation – these cards come 1 per the 10-card mini pack.

Here’s some of the pose variations from the 1887 Gypsy Queen set.  363-game winner Pud Galvin actually has 4 cards from the set – here are 3 of them

Hall-of-famer and Brotherhood leader John Montgomery Ward had two variations as well, one of him fielding, another of him sliding into a base.

The New York players definitely tended to have more of these – which isn’t surprising.  Today’s baseball card manufacturers tend to have a bias toward teams from Gotham City.

Buck Ewing was another New York player with a couple of variations.

Here are a couple of the photo variations from this year’s Gypsy Queen set put out by Topps.  I pulled an Aroldis and a David Ortiz from the two boxes I opened – I traded the Ortiz for a variant of Scott Rolen.




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