2011 Heritage Relics and Autographs

5 05 2011

The 2011 version of Heritage is full of relics and autos of different variety.  Below is a brief description of each of the possible pulls.  This will look very similar to my “Reds” post from this set – because Frank Robinson was highly utilized in the set, and I’m including pictures in both posts.  Also – note that I included the Jackie Robinson Special relic cards in the “variations” post I did earlier.

62 Mint Coins – 20 cards (1:263 – Hobby only)

These cards have a coin embedded into them – note the coin is covered by a plastic seal on both sides.  The coins include:

  • Penny – 4 players born in 1962
  • Nickel – 3 players whose rookie year was 1962
  • Dime – 4 events showcased in the 1962 News Flashbacks insert set
  • Quarter – 7 players with significant achievements in 1962
  • Half-Dollar – 2 Hall of Fame inductees in 1962 (J. Robinson, B. Feller)

I bought this Eric Davis which I showed a scan of earlier.  The big one here is the Jackie Robinson half-dollar, but so is the Bob Feller.  This is especially special given Feller’s recent passing.

Clubhouse Collection – 4 levels

Clubhouse Collection – 50 cards (1:29)

This is the most common relic – just over one per hobby box.  These cards have either a jersey swatch or a bat square of a current player.  I pulled Josh Johnson from my box, but am shopping around for the Votto and Rolen cards.

Clubhouse Collection Dual – 5 cards (1:7,600; #/62)

From here, the pulls are far more difficult.  This set pairs a current player with a star from 1962, with a jersey swatch from both players.   Of course, they put 2010 NL MVP right on there with 1961 NL MVP.  Hopefully Votto never wins the award in both leagues like his counterpart Robinson did.  And, hopefully he has his number retired by the Reds just like Robinson did.

Clubhouse Collection Autograph – 10 cards (1:9,500; #/25)

These cards are even rarer.  5 are cards of current players, 5 are cards are of a 1962 player (where the relic is obviously harder to come by).  The cards are numbered to 25, and with an on-card autograph to boot.  I really like the auto on the yellow.  Mr. Robinson had a card in this set, too.

Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph – 5 cards (1:14,833; #/10 – hobby only)

The same 5 “1962 players” from the previous set also autographed cards for this dual autograph set, which is numbered to 10 and has a relic and a patch of both the “old-timer” and a prospect / star from today’s game.  They put Frank Robinson with Mike Stanton here, which is kind of a weird combination.  Some more intriguing cards – Banks / Castro was on the  sell-sheet, then there’s Gibson / Strasburg, Kaline / A. Jackson and my personal favorite – Brooks Robinson / David Wright.

Flashback – 4 levels

Flashback Stadium Relic – 10 cards (1:1,175)

These ten single player cards all come with relics.  These aren’t jerseys or bats that the players – they are “stadium relics”.  I assume that means they are cut-ups of the seats from the stadium.  That’s pretty cool considering these tend to be old stadiums.  The card below is Bill Mazeroski and what I presume is a relic from Forbes Field.  This is pretty cool – the guy who hit the biggest home run in that park’s history.

Flashback Dual Stadium Relic – 5 cards (1:45,000; #/10)

We’re back to some more Frank Robinson cards.  These 5 cards feature 2 players each.  The other guy with Robinson here is “the other” Frank Thomas – and another seat relic.  The Frank Thomas relic is from the Polo Grounds – where the Mets played in their inaugural season.  Also notable in this are cards of Mickey Mantle / Roger Maris (Yankee Stadium), Stan Musial / Bob Gibson (Sportsman’s Park – a.k.a. Busch Stadium), Brooks Robinson / Robin Roberts (Memorial Stadium) and Harmon Killebrew / Luis Aparicio (Metropolitan Stadium & Old Comiskey Park).

Flashback Autograph – 5 cards (1:19,000; #/25)

Flashback Autograph Stadium Relic – 5 cards (1:19,000; #/25)

Real One Autographs – 3 levels

Real One Autograph – 37 cards (1:303 – blue ink)

There are three “monster cards” from these autograph sets.  The Sandy Koufax card below is easily the headliner of the set.  Topps got Koufax and Hank Aaron to sign on as spokesmen for the 2011 year.  Koufax has been a notoriously difficult signer, and Aaron is, well – he’s Hank Aaron.  Finally, Stan “the Man” Musial also has a card in this set.  Unfortunately, the Aaron below is just a fake internet picture – you would pull a redemption, not the actual card.

Real One Autograph Special Edition – 37 cards (1:700; #/62)

There are a couple of Reds in the Real One set.  They are both “Hatless” cards reprinted from the 1962 set.  I got the one below from ebay.

Real One Dual Autograph – 10 cards (1:2,989; #/25 – hobby only)

Another card of the odd Robinson / Stanton combination.  The Brooks Robinson / Evan Longoria might be the neatest combo card here.

Other Autographs

60th Anniversary Autograph – 5 cards (1:7,500; #/60)

This is a continuity set from other Topps releases throughout the year.  You could pull Robinson, Kaline, Gibson, or Banks from Heritage.

1962 Cut signatures – 10 cards (1:238,000; #/1)

Finally – the rarest pull out there.  There are 10 cut signatures from the set #’d to 1/1.  I’ve found a few of these on eBay thus far.  The Roberts sold for $225, the Burdette sold for $300, while the Wilhelm is listed for $250 right now.



6 responses

5 05 2011
The Lost Collector

Great post – neat to see all the inserts. Not a fan of the coin cards, but an interesting concept.

5 05 2011

I actually really like them. They seem to go well with the wood grain border. I’m generally in favor of something different – if tastefully done. They also are difficult to find, but not ridiculous (like the gypsy stamps #’d /10). Sometimes things like this are a welcome relief from another “jersey” card – which now just say “authentic relic”, so the swatch could be a cut up jersey a bat-boy wore for all we know. I wouldn’t want them to beat the concept into the ground, but I like the idea.

Overall, I think Topps did a great job with this set.

6 05 2011

I recently pulled the Rolen game-used jersey (CCR-SR). I can send it your way if you still need it.

20 05 2011

I got the #01/10 brooks robinson/david wright dual relic dual autograph.

21 05 2011

That’s a great pull, id love to pull either Robinson…

28 06 2017
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