2011 Heritage & 1962 Topps parallel sets

3 05 2011

Yes – even in 1962 they had parallel sets.  Mind you, this isn’t what we’re used to.  Topps issued the first two series of 1962 to the Venezuelan market with darker cardstock and spanish writing on the reverse.  In addition to the cards in the first 2 series – they also included cards of Luis Aparicio and Elio Chacon, both Venezuelan born, as cards 199 and 200.  There are no card #’s 197 & 198, so a full set is 198 cards.  This is an extremely rare set, and it’s even harder to find in any type of condition – I found an old auction on the web where the complete set went for $7K for primarily poor to VG condition.

Additionally, Topps issued 2011 Heritage box-toppers of cards that could be considered 1962 Topps parallels.  Topps bought original 1962 cards back from the market and stamped them as “50th anniversary” buy backs.  Kind of funny.  I know 2011 is the 50th set if you’re counting 1962 as the first set.  But that doesn’t make it the 50th anniversary – that’s always confused me.  Not a big deal by any means, though.  Anyways, these cards came in “penny” 1-card packs inserted 1 out of 2 hobby boxes.

The 2011 Heritage set has a whole lot more of what we’re used to as far as parallel sets go.  In addition to all the variations I posted earlier – there are quite a few of the standard parallel cards.  4 of the sets are Chrome parallels, and 1 is a black-bordered parallel.  The sets are not full parallels – all 5 parallel sets are the same 100 cards.  Odds below are for hobby packs, except for the Black Border, which only come as part of a retail blister packs.

Black Border – 100 cards (3 per Retail Blister 3-pack)

Chrome – 100 cards (1:11; #/1962)

Chrome Refractor – 100 cards (1:37; #/562)

Black Border Chrome Refractor – 100 cards (1:334; #/62)

Green Refractor – 100 cards (1:1 per hot box – Hobby only) *1 of these boxes per case – so this effectively works out to 1:12 hobby packs

I’m again going after all the Reds of these cards – except the black refractors.  Got to draw the line somewhere.




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23 08 2011
A look back at Topps Venezuelan: 1959-1968 « Lifetime Topps project

[…] Topps began a trend of skipping a year, so the next set is the 1962 Venezuelan set.  These were the first cards where the backs were written in Spanish – except for the statistics.  The first two series are again reproduced, except the last 2 cards (#197 & 198) were replaced by Elio Chacon and Luis Aparicio as cards #199 & 200, both of whom were born in Venezuela.  The first 2 series had a number of subsets, including the Babe Ruth story, so this one has a ton of HOF-ers.  Roger Maris is card #1 in tribute to his breaking the Babe’s HR record.  I wrote about this set in one of my Heritage posts. […]

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