1962 Topps & Heritage Stamps

1 05 2011

In conjunction with their flagship set in 1962, Topps issued 201 stamps measuring 1-5/16″ x 1-3/4″.  The set consists of 181 players, and 20 team logo stamps (one for each MLB team).  These stamps came in panels of 2 stamps – each of the 201 players/teams appears on a total of 2 different panels – one panel where the player is on the right and one where the player is on the left.  This makes a total of exactly 201 different panels.  The 2-stamp panels measure 3-3/16 x 1-3/4″ including the printer mark. The ’62 stamp panels came 1 per wax or cello pack in each series of the set released.

The set contains 27 members of the Hall of Fame.  This is 14 less than the base set.  Managers were not part of this set, so that accounts for 2 (Stengel and Alston) less.  The 3 HOF-ers featured in the Ruth Special subset (Ruth, Gehrig, Huggins) were in the base set but obviously not the stamp set.  6 rookies/younger players were not part of the stamp set (Brock, G. Perry, B. Gibson, McCovey, Herzog, D. Williams), while 2 aging HOF-ers (Ashburn, Roberts, Schoendienst) were not in the stamp set either.  Tony Kubek and Tim McCarver (Ford C. Frick broadcast winners) also happen to be in the set.

Each wax pack and box had an advertisement to purchase a “baseball stamp album and record book” from the local retailer – the cost was a dime.  Collectors could stick the stamps into the album to display – this seems pretty similar to the sticker album the 1982 set had.  Kind of cool that as far back as 1962 – Topps was actually doing an early version of “inserts”.

Topps used this concept for the 2011 Heritage release.   The 2011 stamps come in groupings of 2 inside a framed card. Each stamp again comes paired with one other stamp – one version on the right and one on the left – to total 201 different frames.  The Heritage stamps are much rarer – each frame was #’d to 62, and was inserted at a rate of 1:211 per hobby or retail pack.

Additionally, Topps bought back individual ’62 stamps and placed them into framed insert cards.  These were numbered in extremely low quantities – usually less than 10 and sometimes as low as 1 of 1.  They came 1:7,550 packs – hobby only.  This one of the Reds team card was 1 or 2.  (side note – I bid on it for more than 30 bucks but it went for almost 60 – not worth quite that much for me)

Since the stamps in 2011 are rare and inserted into a frame – they’re not actually to be put into a stamp album.  Where Topps sold the stamp album as a means to display stamps in 1962, for the Heritage Topps released Stamp Collection team panels.    These 30 panels are not actual stamps – they show the picture of 3 of the player stamps from each team.  The panels come as 3-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ hobby box toppers.  They came approximately 1 per 3 boxes – each hobby box had either a stamp panel, and advertising panel, or a Baseball Bucks inserted on the top.

I’d like to collect 1 frame of each of the Reds players in stamps.  I pulled the Billingsley/Shields card noted in earlier posts from my box of Heritage and plan on eBaying it at some point.  I bought the Votto below for $17 plus S&H, which seemed like a pretty good deal for him.  I have Phillips on the way for $10 – but I keep getting outbid at ~10 bucks for guys like Arroyo and Bruce.




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